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Woke up in the early morning hours with sharp pains in my gut. I could not move. If I tried to sit up, more pain. If I tried to role over, more pain. I thought maybe a trip to the bathroom would help, so I gritted my teeth and made my way, slowly and carefully to the bathroom. I peed. Didn't have to do anything else though. It hurt too much to even try. So, I trekked my way back to bed and layed there for hours in pain. And then several hours later, and as quickly as the pain arrived, it went away. Kinda unsettling.

I was eating my normal lunch of Chef Boyardee today and as I took the last bite I noticed a little gnat-esque creature playing around in my bowl. Gag reflex in full force! I pray he was alone and didn't have any family with him, cuz if there were others.....well, I don't even want to think about that.

Watched this long documentary type show on aliens and UFO's tonight. It was hosted by some guy in a dark trenchcoat walking around a foggy forest which was actually a soundstage. Tres-dramatic. I really do believe that there are other beings out there somewhere making contact with us. And I really hope that one day I get to see one. I've always thought it would be fascinating to actually be abducted and experience it for myself. I'd put up with the anal probes if it meant having such an incredible experience like that. And you probably think I am psycho now, so I will just let this subject rest now.

Tomorrow I am having lunch with some friends, the same ones from the camping fiasco. Megan is leaving for something (i have no idea what), and Trelawney is leaving for boot camp on Tuesday. So this is kinda a final little thing to do together. Should be a fun time. Of course, this means I need to find some money by then. Anyone want to donate?

I'm feeling really depressed for some reason right now. I have no idea why. Just in a really blah mood for some reason. Now would be a good time for those aliens to come and put some "excitement" into my evening.