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What a day full of ups and downs.

Midterm in theatre dance. I thought I did well, and I did. Just...not as well as I woulda hoped. I still got a good grade, but I am a perfectionist, so I was slightly disappointed.

Then the sight singing one. I was so prepared to fail miserably, but I think I did pretty decent. The only part I am a little worried about is the part where he played a cacaphony of notes and we had to say what kind of chord it was just from hearing it. Um....dominant seventh? I was basically guessing the whole time. But taking the test as a whole, I think I did well. And I got done early, so I got to leave. Woo!

Got home to find the phone bill waiting for me. Oy. After dividing the calls and such, my total came to $27.83 while Jeff's total came to a grand total of $98.00. He had made almost 40 long distance calls on just this one bill. WTF?! And the thing that pisses me off is that his little mommy is paying all of his phone bills. Spoiled little brat! I am SO pissed right now. So pissed.

To cheer myself up, I got some nice Chinese food. Fortune cookie: "The only certainy is that nothing is certain."

Went out and bought some more wrapping paper. I was all out of the free stuff the street people (that's what I call anyone who hands out anything on the street) gave me outside of Macy's. So, I got some more paper and bows and little labels. Wrapped everything the best I could...which isn't well, but I think my family will appreciate the honest attempt. I do have one problem though. How in the hell am I going to get all of these gifts home?! There are so many! I'll burn that bridge when I get there. I got so into the Christmas spirit tonight. All I need now is snow snow snow! Blizzards are predicted back home in Iowa for this week! I am very excited to get my ass home for the holiday. Two weeks!

Something else that really put me in the spirit of the holiday happened also. Bri was talking about how she loved St. Nick's Day a few weeks ago in VPS. She was sad cuz she wasn't going to be able to celebrate it this year. So, yesterday when she wasn't looking, I put a note and some candy in her shoe during tap class. She was so touched when she found it. It made me feel incredible. I felt so happy...like deep down happy that I could make her feel happy like that. I guess it's true. Tis better to give than receive. Hope you had a great St. Nick's Day, Bri!

B+B scheduled me for a double shift this Saturday. Um...no. I am not going to be at work from noon til midnight. No way, no how. And I changed from doing the Sunday night show to the matinee so I could spend the night at some comedy thingy with Shannon. I am so in the need a good laugh.

I'm getting a little worried with how things are going at school. My new acting scene involves me kissing a girl in it. I've heard from several older students that by the time you graduate, you "know" all of your classmates rather well. In other words, you either kiss, grope, etc... with them all. They even give out scenes with some homo action and even if you are hetero, you HAVE to do it. Now, I know deep down that this is to help us, but I do not think I can handle having to simulate sex with a close friend while all my other close friends are watching. And then getting critiqued and graded on it?! Not sure if I can do this. I really just do not know.

Ok...it's after midnight now and I have an early class and ANOTHER midterm tomorrow/today, so I should head out now.

Happy Chanukah to all my Jewish friends!