After a short night of sleep, I had to get up so I could rush for the first time today. I had wanted to rush since I first heard about it which had been almost two years. So you can only guess how excited I was. I had convinced some friends to rush with me so they could experience the show I loved so much. They agreed. I was excited, but also worried. I don't think they realized what they were getting themselves into by agreeing to rush. They would soon find out.

I decied to compile a diary of the day so I could remember my rush experience better. What follows is my diary of that day. As you can see by reading it, I am insane. You think I'm kidding? Read it! You'll see! All of it is completely true and nothing is made up. This is actually what we did to pass the time. Enjoy!

Oooops! I suppose I should introduce you to the people you are about to read about. Obvioulsy I am in there. Four friends from my town also rushed. They are Kory, Janelle, Kris, and JT. Two friends of mine from another town also came. They are Adam and Roy. I believe that's everyone you need to know about. So, without further ado....

12:30 AM: Adam, Roy, and I went to bed.....finally!

3:30 AM: I woke up. Adam did a little later, and Roy a little after that.

5:15 AM: We arrived at the Civic Center and signed up for the matinee.

5:30 AM: The other four arrived. The matinee line was full by that time so they signed up for the evening show.

6:00 AM: I realized that I had been sitting in a puddle for the past 45 minutes. My ass was wet all day.

6:15 AM: We didn't know what to do so we decided to paint everybody's fingernails. Mine were painted orange.

6:30 AM: We gave Tarot readings. I found out that my past present sucks.....and my future will suck. Oh joy!

6:45 AM: Kris, Janelle, and Kory played card games.

6:55 AM: I played UNO with some people who were there from Nebraska.

7:05 AM: We sent Adam to Burger King to get us some breakfast. Yay for Adam!

7:20 AM: Kris, Janelle, and Kory played UNO.

7:30 AM: We got really bored, so we decided to share our hidden talents with everyone. I have a hilarious picture of Roy doing the splits now! I will post it here if I ever get it scanned. *sorry Roy*

7:35 AM: Adam arrived with the food. Phew! I was starving!

7:58 AM: Everyone decided to make fun of me because my ass was still soaked.

8:00 AM: I swapped email addresses and website addresses with some people I had met.

8:05 AM: Kris and Janelle took a nap.

8:08 AM: The second bout of boredome struck. Somehow, and I don't know how, the conversation shifted to "disecting people." Um...EWWW!

8:25 AM: I began to feel sick. I took a walk through the skywalks. Kory accompanied me. What a great guy!

8:45 AM: We were escorted into the Civic Center. The matinee line and evening line were separated, thus separating me from Kris, Janelle, Kory, and JT. I was still with Adam and Roy though.

8:57 AM: I decided to lie down and get some rest.

9:05 AM: The sleep idea did not work.....except for Adam. Roy and I did more Tarot readings.

9:15 AM: The Tarot reading was the same as the first one so I stopped it. I went to talk with the people from Nebraska.

9:40 AM: I discovered that I had met someone the day before at a festival I had gone to! What a small world!

10:07 AM: More boredome. We made puppets out of our hands and put on a puppet show. It didn't work too well.

10:10 AM: We kidnapped the Civic Center's chairs and used our blankets to make forts.

10:15 AM: The forts collapsed. It was fun while it lasted.

10:25 AM: Someone said something extremely funny, and in the fit of laughter a girl named Randi spit the food that she was eating out and it got all over the floor. This caused a bigger fit of laughter.

10:45 AM: I decided to visit my four friends in the evening line. They were playing mind games. I couldn't figure them out which made me feel stupid. Therefore, I went back to my line.

11:15 AM: We held an impromptu damnce and gymnastics competition. This resulting in both of my wrists hurting.

11:47 AM: We went to Adam, who was still sleeping, and blew in his ear.

11:53 AM: We got into a straight and official line to buy our tickets.

11:55 AM: I was asked by the souveneir guy to help sell stuff. I agreed.

12:00 PM: I bought my tickets and left for a quick lunch.

1:15 PM: I returned to sell souveneirs.

1:45 PM: My job as salesman was over, and I was paid ten dollars for my services.

2:00 PM: The show started with me sitting second row and slightly off center with ten extra dollars in my pocket.

Well, that was my rush experience. Hope you enjoyed reading about it as much as I enjoyed living through it. It was more fun than the show itself! I would gladly do it again and again and again! Everyone else thinks I am insane for doing it, but who cares what they think?! Not me! Next time a rush I will keep another diary of the events. I met so many great people and was able to share the show I love dearly with the people I love dearly.