Site History

v1.0 = Today 4 RENT [launched March 98]
v2.0 = Today 4 RENT - with frames [launched December 98]
v3.0 = The Dressing Room [launched June 99]
v4.0 = The Freak Show [launched June 99]
v4.1 = The Freak Show - new address [launched July 99]
v5.0 = Nick Nax [launched August 99]
v6.0 = I'm In The Wrong Story [launched November 2000]


The title "I'm in the wrong story" comes from Sondheim's musical, Into the Woods.

Layout Design

The original layout wass emulated from older versions of Cristina Fadale: Moo like ya mean it! and What's Up With That?


Fonts used include:

Lucinda Calligraphy


The splash page image is ©Cain-Weidner Studio

All original graphics were made on Microsoft Paint which explains their simpleness. As soon as I get a new graphics program, I will make better ones.

Legal Mumbo Jumbo

All text on the site is ©2000 NickyNax unless otherwise stated. The use of anything found on this site without expressed consent from the author is a big no-no. And yes, he will come after you.