The Other Characters In This Show

Adam is my great friend from Ames. I met him at a meeting we each attended and we've been friends ever since. He is someone I will never forget. (pic)

Alisha went to CHS with me. Three years behind me. We've become good friends from being involved in the same activities at school.

Alissa went to CHS with me. She was a year ahead of me. A great friend who I have shared some very private stuff with. She has a fab apartment!

Amanda is native to El Paso. She moved to my town in fifth grade, and we've been incredible friends since. She is always there to hold my hand when I need help or to give me a shoulder to cry on. She introduced me to cappuccino. This is where my desire to work at Starbucks comes from no doubt. (pic)

The American Musical and Dramatic Academy. I am going to school here in New York City in hopes of working on Broadway. I flip-flop as to whether I like the school or not. It has its good points, and it has its bad points.(website)

Amy S is a member of my online group. She is a fellow Iowan, so she knows the hell I went through each day. We each share a love of Europe, although most of her affection is directed toward Germany. She was very supportive in the rebuilding of the site. Always finds a bright side. No longer speaks to me.

Amy C is a girl in my class. She gives me lots of backrubs :)

I met Angel from the RENT boards. For some reason, I don't call her by her real name. She's from New York State and has helped me through a lot of relationship troubles I've had. No longer in contact with her.

Anthony Rapp (Ant)
Anthony is from the original cast of Rent which is where I first learned of him and became a fan. He has numerous other stage and screen credits. A wonderful talent and a wonderful person. He has helped me with some very difficult things in my life. (official website)

See "Job"

The boards are the Rent Message Boards that I frequent (used to actively post, now just go and see what's up). Have met tons of wonderful people on them as well as a few psycho freaks. Had a few great laughs on them as well a few vicious fights. Where would I be without the boards!

Bre (commonly misspelled as Bri)
Bre is in my class at AMDA. She's is one of the sweetest people I know. Always ready to listen to my concerns. And her hair looks like blonde pubes. She likes splooge.

Brian is the owner of and a very sweet guy.

I've known Brooke for years! We have been close forever cuz we were both brainiacs. We worked together on the yearbook the last two years of school. I couldn't have asked for a better editor-in-chief. She likes root beer ;-) (pic)

Carie is a friend of Adam and Roy. She is my St Ends.

Carrie is a classmate of mine. She is very funny. However, she is being stalked by a strand of DNA.

Channing is a CHS student. Two years behind me. He is a very funny and sarcastic person. He always makes me laugh.

Centerville High School. My alma mater.

Daniel (Dan)
Dan went to CHS with me. He was a year ahead of me. He's such a great and down to earth guy! I'll never forget the contest we had with each other on a school trip.

Douglas is a director and actor from NYC. He helped me get the RENT audition.

Kayleen Durley was my choir director, my speech coach, AND my drama director. She gave me my first role in a show. She is a huge reason, if not THE reason that I want to be on Broadway.

Eduardo (Eddie)
Eddie is the foreign exchange student at CHS for the 1999-2000 school year. He is from Argentina.

Eric is from Canada. Even though he is a jock, I like him anyway. We share an interest in a certain subject. We no longer speak. For a funny story of psychological problems, email me!

Erin is a classmate here at AMDA. She has some weird nipple fetish and likes to pinch them...even if she has JUST met you. She is one of the funniest (and crassest) people here and also incredibly talented. Turns out she is an old family friend of Jim's. Small world! (pic)

F1 and F2
These are the sections I was/am in at AMDA. The number tells what semester you are in and the letter just divides you up into small groups. I have classes with the other kids in this section except for the dance ones.

Footloose (Foot)
Footloose is a Broadway show where I spend a lot of time and money. It has one of the youngest and friendliest casts I've met. A lot think the show is lame, but I find it rather enjoyable. The show that introduced me to Jim.

Harry is from New Joysey. I met him from the RENT boards and from a mutual friend. He's a great friend and quite a talent! He will defintely be on the stage someday! A great friend and I am lucky to know him. He and I were supposed to meet once I got here, but it hasn't happened yet. And we've kinda fallen out of touch.(pic - website)

HAY will remain anonymous to protect identies.

Hayley is a classmate here at AMDA. She is from sunny California and had one heck of a time adjusting to the winter. She has also had the bad roommate problems that I have. She is a fellow Disney employee, working at The Lion King. (pic)

Heather lives in the same town as I do. She's a year younger. We share the same last name as well as fathers who share the same first name. Kinda cool. We are often mistaken for siblings cuz of this. We play along.

Hedwig and the Angry Inch
Hedwig was an off-broadway show that I enjoyed. Sadly, it has now closed. I am anxiously awaiting the movie. (website)

Jan is my sister. I've known her forever. What else is there to say? (pic)

Jannie is another Canadian. Met kinda through the boards and kinda through Ricky. She's a sweet gal and is very fun to talk to. For a funny story of psychological problems, email me!

Jared worked at Hedwig. He helped me so I could usher. He is a great guy, and I am really glad Harry introduced me to him. Thanks for dinner, Jared! (website)

I met Jason while rushing for RENT. He is an Iowa boy too. We met again when we each saw "Chicago" the same day. I think it is a cosmic rule that he and I can only see each other at and near the Civic Center.

Jeff was my roomie. He is originally from Michigan. I did not enjoy having him as a roomie one bit. Fortunately he is now gone...although he still likes to cause as many problems as he can. (pic)

Jim Ambler is currently appearing on Broadway in the show Footloose, but is leaving within weeks to do West Side Story in Italy. I've created a website for him. (website - pic)

My job is a merchandising cast member at the Broadway show Beauty and the Beast. Basically, I sell people shirts and other stuff like that. I love the job, but seeing the show over and over and over is getting a little monotonous.

Jorge (pronounced George)
Jorge was a fellow employee at B+B. He is also an AMDA grad. Everyone at work knows that he will someday be Gaston. It's just a matter of time.

I met Jules through a mutual friend and we have since become friends. She is also a fan of Jim, so of course she is an awesome person! (website)

Kat is a fellow AMDA student. She is my roomie, and was Keri H's roomie before mine. Such a sweet person, always talking about my green eyes. (pic - website)

Keith works with me at B+B. We've just recently started bonding and getting to know each other. He shares his life experiences with me and tries to help me understand life better. Always ready to lend an ear and some advice. He turned me into a monk...or did he? (pic)

I met Keri B from the RENT boards. She also attends AMDA.

Keri H is a classmate here at AMDA. She and I are the only (seriously. we know of no others) who do not drink, smoke or do drugs. Therefore, we kinda latched on to each other. And she is so incredibly funny. (pic1 - pic2)

Kory is a CHS student as well. A year behind me. He is party in crime when it comes to drama and speech. He also plays football, but I can forgive him for that. He's a great role model for other kids. Involved in so many diverse activities and always available to help.

Leah is a member of my Life Support group, and that is where I met her. She has helped me with SO much stuff. I can go to her with anything and she always makes it better. We each share a *love* for a certain someone. Leah is an 87-year-old hermaphrodite. (don't ask) ;-)

My MTP teacher for the first semester. She looks like Barbra Streisand.

Lindsay is a Canadian whom I met from the RENT boards. She is going to teach me to dance Fosse. She is the best amphibian friend any guy could ask for! We finally met and it felt like we had already met so many times before. We learned we are both rather indecisive people. But she has long fingers while I have short, stubby ones. (pic)

Marc is from my online group. He is from the bay area and I met him on a trip there. He is extremely funny. (pic)

Megan used to go to school with me, but moved away. She was an awesome friend. And we remain close even though I am horrible at keeping correspodance on a regular basis. She is such a sweetheart and loves to play the game "Nightmare." Her fave personality is Lady Elaine Fairchild. Mwuhahahaha!

Melody is from the boards. We share a love for the show as well as certain cast members. We help each other through relationship issues.

Mikala is my niece. Jan's daughter. I call her "Mini-Mimi." (pic1 - pic2 - pic3)

Megan is a classmate. She is a great friend and is always there to laugh or make you laugh.

Um...duh! (pic)

Musical Theatre Performance. A class at AMDA. We get assigned songs and have to perform them. A very good class in my opinion.

Nikki and I met through RENT. She's from Illinois. One time she had a dead dear in her arm. I am not lying! She is a super girl.

I met Ponch online. He is a great guy who always is there to cheer me up and give me advice about anything. We recently regained contact after losing touch for about 5 months.

I met Rachel E from the RENT boards. She's from down south in Baton Rouge, LA. But I'll finally get to meet her once I get to AMDA, cuz she is attending a college in NY also. Time to party!

Rachel S is one of my managers at B+B. None of us really think of her as a manager though because it is more of a friendship. She has a small obsession with an actor in B+B, but I can forgive her for that cuz, afterall, I am the king of obsessions. (pic)

Rent is a broadway musical that I used to be a freak about. Now I am just normal about it. Don't love it, don't hate it. (website)

Ricky was my friend from the frozen tundra up north. I met him from the RENT boards when he used to stalk me there. He helped me with things throughout our friendship, and was always there to compliment me too much even though he knows I hate it. But what can ya do? He's also a computer genius. HA! We no longer speak anymore. Seems I couldn't do anything right no matter how hard I tried. But it doesn't bother me cuz I know the truth about Mr Ricky. >:-)

Roy is Adam's friend. He has since become my friend. He is a great guy who always shares his insight and experience. And to top it all off, he is funny as hell!

Samm worked with me. FUNNY guy! I can always depend on him for a laugh. He was on SNL. Didja see him?

Sara is a fellow worker at B+B. She is a Braodway fan and has several obsessions so we fit together well. We like to make fun of people together and she has a fierce sense of humor. She can spout off the funniest phrases at the drop of a hat.

Sarah C was a classmate of mine. She's great and all, but it bothers me that she wants to make a purse out of my scrotum.

Sarah D was a year ahead of me at CHS. Despite her senority there, I am a day older than her. Don't ask how that happened. It's a long story.

Sawyer is a friend from CHS. Two years behind me. He made all the original art for my first website. He is a great friend and always makes me laugh. He's also my scanner, so I have to say nice things about him. (website)

Seth and I met through boot trading. Since moving to the city, he and I have developed a tradition of seeing Footloose together often. And he gives me free boots. What a great guy!

I met Shannon from the RENT boards. We have fun being ornery together. I'll always remember Dani. Shannon is going to give me a makeover. I will finally have style! She makes me do embarrassing things all the time. She says it is to help me. Sometimes I wonder. (website)

Steph is an absolutely adorable girl I know from my online group and met her in San Fran. She is such a doll and so much fun! (pic)

Tara was a coworker of mine. I loved her so much. She left though to do the national tour of Pippi Longstocking. She is the funniest gal around. I can't wait for her to return from her tour. (pic)

Travis is from the RENT boards. Not gonna say anything bad about him here cuz I am too smart for that. I know I'll like get his brand of like wrath if I like do say like something about him. Really.

Trelawney has been my friend for years now. She has flaming red hair! She would always give me backrubs everyday during Spanish class which, of course, made her a GREAT friend in my eyes. She's going into the military now.

Village Voice
A newspaper here in NYC. It's free, so it's gotta be a plus on my list.

Vocal Production and Speech. One of my classes here. Lame.

Is there someone or something you would like clarification on? Just let me know and I'll add some info on them here to help clear things up a little.