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I'm in an update funk. I go a long time without updating, don't I? Quite the change from August when I did it almost daily. Now, every other day or so. Next month, hardly ever. Ain't it sad.

So, all of this is going to be out of order, but who the hell the cares.

Smudge was sick the other morning. She couldn't even climb up the stairs when normally she bounds up them with great energy. And she couldn't walk more than a few feet without having to stop and rest. She was whining a lot too. I got freaked so I called Mom and told her. She came home and took her to the vet. Later they came home. The vet said her (the dog, not my mom *wink*) stomach was tight and tense. He said it could possibly be the result of poisoning. How scary is that?! And I wouldn't put anything past the neighbor. She's psycho. But he gave her some shots and she relaxed the rest of the day and is now fine. It was really scary though.

So there is still no word on who my roomie is yet. I was supposed to know this info two weeks ago. Then they said I would have it two days ago. I doubt I'll know until that very day. wouldn't that be lovely? "Hi, I'm Nick. I'll be living with you now. And you are?"

Shit. I hate this. I always have stuff to say and I run them through my head over and over and over so I will remember what I wanted to talk about, and then I sit down to type it up and I can't remember a damn thing. It pisses me off.

Ah yes, I remember one of them now. Maybe ranting helps? I got my pics from Pancake Day back yesterday. Mark this down history. This is the first time in AGES that I actually like how I look in a picture. I just want to make poster size prints of it, and billboards, and everything! But I can't do that. That would be vain. Wait a second! I AM vain! I can totally do this and not lose any dignity.

Speaking of vain, my drag name is Vanity Drake. You are required to call me that from now on.

Woo! I typed that last paragraph using the home row and proper keyboarding skills. And yes, it took an hour.

Dawson's Creek premeired tonight. I hadn't watched it all summer and forgotten how much I liked it. I started watching and immediately fell back into the groove of things. How am I going to survive without it at AMDA?! I can't get cable there. Please, someone living in that area tell me that it's on a station that I can get. PLEASE! And the station that carries it here is getting rid of all of the WB shows after next week. What is up with THAT?! Am I the only one wanting Jack to hook up with somebody this season, and soon? Am I the only one who isn't 12 watching this show?

Mom got tickets to Kat and the Kings today. I have NO desire to see this show. But I told her we could see whatever she wanted to since she's only going to be there a few days and I'll be there forever and can see whatever I want to whenever I want to. But ugh. She had to pick THIS one?! Oh well. It's only a few hours. I can handle it.

Single digits now. Getting VERY VERY worried about this. Have I made a huge mistake?