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I would've told you all about Pancake Day last night, but I didn't get home til late, so I just thought I'd wait til today. So, here it is. A rundown of my day yesterday.

First of all...What IS Pancake Day anyway? Well, I think it started as a way for the merchants in the town to thank the town for shopping in their stores and kinda an incentive to shop in town more? They would serve free pancakes all day long, and since that first one 52 years ago, it's grown and includes more events and whatnot. Maybe? I'm sure I have the story wrong. But whatever.

So, I woke up and went up to the square where it all takes place. When I used to be in the band, we would always have to meet at this church just off of the square to get ready for the parade. It became the place to meet up with people and hang out, so I went there. I talked with people there, including Durley. She told me I should come and sing with the choir tomorrow (which is today) cuz the choir is singing with the world famous opera star, Simon Estes. He was born and grew up here in Centerville, so he's treated like a god here. Seriously. You should see how people bend over backward to see him and talk to him and everything. You'd think he was the Pope. I am not going to be singing with them today because I personally do not like the man regardless of the fact that his scholarship is helping to pay for AMDA. If you care to know why I hate him, ask me. I'll tell you the story. It's too pointless to write here.

So, anyway, I met up with people and they all asked how school was going and how NY was. I am SO tired of explaining that I haven't started yet. Ugh.

Megan made it into town which was very wonderful! Haven't seen her since last year's PD. Amanda came home from college as well for it. She brought some friends with her so I got to meet them. Tasha showed up as well. I told ya it was the meeting place, didn't I.

We decided to watch the parade from there. So, we climbed up on one of those signs churches have out in front and sat up there for the parade. It was made of stone and my ass was numb by the end of the parade.

During the parade we just kinda made fun of people. Nice, huh? It was fun though. We didn't mean any harm by it. Well...not TOO much harm. But is anyone had been close enough to hear...they would've thought were were satan children.

We also got our first glimpse of the queen candidates during the parade. Oh yes! I forgot to mention we crown a queen each year. Some refer to her as the "Batter Bitch." Last year I serenaded the queen. You can read about that here. But the funny thing is the girl I talked about a few entries ago who fought with her family in the front yard and sat on the hood of the car cuz she's an immature psycho...well, she was a contestant. it was funny during the parade seeing her sitting on the car again. Only this time, it wasn't on the hood. But it made me laugh.

Ran into several friends of mine who were seniors when I was a freshman. Jodi, Sarah, and Nikki. I quickly caught them up on what has happened to me in my life. They were just as fun as ever.

After the parade, Tasha and I kinda mozied around looking at the stuff on the square (which I might add is the world's largest town square, or at least that is what is pumped into our brains as children). There was nothing of interest up there except for a fun jousting thing. It's one of those inflatable things that kids get in and jump around in. But, this one had two pedestals in it and soft "weapons" and you basically become an American Gladiator. I REALLY wanted to do it, but I think there was an age limit. I was too embarrasses to ask though.

I was hungry, so Tasha and I went to KFC/Taco Bell (they are in the same building) and I had some nachos. Got a balloon. Woo!

After that we went to Bradley Hall. It used to be Fannon Hall when it was owned by the school and was the administration building. But now it is a bunch of little shop like things. Full of little crafts and things. The building is huge and had about three times as many rooms in it as I expected. I probably coulda gotten lost in there if I had enough time. Up in the attic there was the Christmas room. From the windows you could see the roof of my house. Not that that makes me special or anything, but it ammused me.

We left there (only after Tasha lost her sunglasses) and headed to a nearby elementary school. Tasha and I played on the playground equipment for awhile. That was fun, but then again, acting immature always is!

Then I came home to eat. Mom always makes homemade Chili on PD. Ever since I can remember, she's done that. Always. And it is GOOD chili.

We went back up to the square for the evening festivities. Saw the evening gown competition. While the judges deliberated, a concert was given. The group was Tonic Sol-Fa. they performed in Centerville a few years ago and I really enjoyed them a lot. They are a acapella group of guys. 5 last time I saw them, but this time, there were only 4 members. They were just as good as I remembered. During the concert, some girl broke her leg though which kinda put a damper on the fun.

So, the time came to announce the queen. The person I wanted to win came in as the runner-up, so I was kinda disappointed, but still happy she did so well. And happy the psycho across the street didn't win! This year Kory serenaded the queen. They asked me to do it again, but I didn't really want to, so I told them I wasn't even going to be here. I'm such a bad boy.

So then, all the festivites were over. Someone said there was a dance at the high school for 13-19 year olds. I didn't really want to go for two reasons. One, I don't want to be dancing with a bunch of 7th graders. Two, the last time I went to a dance, I ended up the victim of a hate crime, so I still feel aprehensive about going to them. I know it's silly to think that way, but it's hard to overcome something like that.

Instead of going to the dance I hung out with some friends and just talked. They were helping Tonic Sol-Fa load the truck and sell merchandise and stuff. They all got a free CD for helping. One of the members asked if I wanted one for helping. I was an honest boy and said that I hadn't helped. And anyway, I already have both of their CD's, so why did I want another?!

So, then I walked home. it was dark, and the row of streetlights seemed to go on forever. The sky was clear and the moon was full. It was gorgeous. Such a peaceful walk.

And that was the end of the day. It was good, but also bad. I got to see a lot of people I hadn't seen in a long time, but also had to say goodbye to all of them for what could be the last time ever. I hate having to say goodbye. Just the thought that I may never see some of these people again scares me so much.

12 days