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Quote: "I'm home sick today. Since you're unfamiliar with that term, I'll explain it to you. It's when a student doesn't feel well, whether they have a fever, or a sore throat, or the flu, and therefore, they do not attend classes that day. Understand? There will be a quiz on this on Friday." -Juliet (mocking the fact i missed only 2 days of school since kindergarten)
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Yesterday was eventful. Today was not.

So, I've determined I am going to be blind in a few years. Went to the eye doctor yesterday. Every time I go, my eyes seem to get worse and worse.

It's so pathetic. I am certain I don't get an accurate reading also. He asks me to read the same letters each time I am there. I have the damn thing memorized, so of course I can read it regardless if my eyes can see the individual letters or not. How accurate of a reading can that give me?!

And then, he'll make it blurrier or something and asks me to read the same three letters I just read. Um...hello? Is there a brain inside my doctor's head?

So then he is having trouble doing his own job. He keeps adjusting the angle of the papers he is reading and tilting his head. That's right, he is having trouble seeing. Why? The idiot put my glasses on instead of his own. And this is the competent man in charge of my vision. Boy, do I feel good about this!

So, then he says he wants to check me for glaucoma. WTF?! He thinks I have glaucoma?! I have no idea what glaucome actually is, but I've heard it discussed and know it isn't a good thing. So, he puts drops in my eyes and then takes this thing which in normal circumstances would look like a pencil, but since I knew it was coming at my eyes, it seemed like a dart. So he takes the vision dart and starts poking and prodding my eye. Um, that was less than pleasant.

He didn't say anything else about glaucoma so I guess I didn't have it. But I do need a stronger prescription. Figures.

I also took my glasses there (the glasses I've worn maybe three times in the past two years) cuz I think they've been defective since I got them, which may explain why I never wore them. Whenever I would wear them, my depth perception would be all screwed up. Also, verticle lines would curve outward as if I was looking through a motel room peephole. He said that was normal. Um, no it isn't. And WHY do I see this doctor? Gooooood question.

Heidi called yesterday. She is enjoying college which is exciting. She got the female lead (only freshman to get a part, i might add. yay for heidi!) in "Little Shop." Ok, is it just me, or does EVERYONE get to do this show BUT me. Damn, it pisses me off so much. I have always wanted to do that show, and everyone gets to do it but me. There has to be some sort of plot against me ever being in that show. is it too much to ask to want to be eaten by a giant, mutant plant?! I thought not.

So, apparently people find me wussy. I'll be the first to admit that I am, in fact, somewhat wussish (is that a word?). I find myself less than buff, but it still kinda hurts when others point this out to me. Especially since I've been working out and actually trying to improve my body. Makes me feel as if the all the work was for nothing.

And why in the hell do people seem to think I am going to become some huge slut when I get to NY? This really offends me. Really. I've had multiple people tell me that next time I talk to them I am going to have a list of names of people I've slept with. I don't know why people think this about me or where they are getting this idea from, but it really bothers me. I don't look in the mirror and think "future slut." What is it about me that makes these people think I am going to turn into the most promiscuous thing since Bill Clinton the minute I arrive in NY? Despite what people may think, I DO have morals. Keep your rude comments to yourself. Thanks.

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