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Quote: "honey, you're stuck in a box getting rid of ass plaque" -Will and Grace (woo!)
Updated: Shannon and my insanity

100 days til 2000. Woo? I dunno.

So, I FINALLY got a haircut today. It was like...3 weeks overdue. So, I want this haircut to last a LONG time so I don't have to get it cut til I come home for Christmas, so I had her cut it SO short. By the time she was done, she had cut off so much hair it looked like there was a cat sitting at our feet. I feel like I am in the military now. On the plus side, it's easy to style now.

This is the best week in the TV industry of the year. Season premeirs! Woo! I love season premeirs! NO more reruns! So, I am in TV heaven. The premeirs, AND, I also discovered that Lifetime shows an hour of Ellen episodes everyday. And yes, those are reruns, but I can watch them a million times and never get tired of them. Hell, I am currently reading her book for like the third or fourth time and still cracking up hysterically to the point of wetting myself. So, yeah. TV is good.

Shannon and I had a wonderful idea. How wonderful? Pretty damn wonderful! We each are mentioned on the other person's site so much that we decided to have a joint website. It's hilarious! Go visit! Where is it? Why, it's here. And you're going to say "why?" after visiting. Well, the answer to that question is mere boredome.

So I got a lot of boxes from Jan's place of employment today. Looks like it is time to continue packing up my life and putting it away into neat little piles in the basement. I so do not want to go through with this. Is it normal to be this scared? Is it normal to want to change my mind and not go? Is anything normal? Sometimes I don't think I am.

17 days left