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Updated: the diary with this entry ;-)

I was visitor 12345 to my site today. Yay!

I'm a bootleg whore.

I've set up so many trade in a 48 hour span, it isn't even funny. So I went to Wal-Mart to buy some more cassettes today and I thought I'd buy more than I needed so I would have some in stock. So I thought 6 cassettes would be a good number. I grab them and then look down and see where I can buy 6 cassettes and get a FREE carrying case. Well, being the smart shopper that I am, I took that deal, so I now have a killer cassette carrying case. I'm such a dork.

So, I made the horrible mistake of posting my list on the bootleg board and was bombarded with emails from people wanting the closing show in San Fran. So, if I am the ultra-nice Nick who always wants to please people, then I would trade with all of these people, but not all of them have something that I want. Oy. I dunno. I think posting was a mistake. I'm gonna get so poor doing this. I can feel an addiction coming on.

In fact, as I type this I am sending a sound file to someone interested in trading. Oy. I need help. Serious help.

There was a soap opera across the street tonight. The family who lives there likes to argue...a lot. And they always seem to do it outside in their front yard. Why the hell?! We live on a busy highway that goes right through the middle of the town and they choose to have their fights there?! Whatever!

Anyway, they do this like once a week. And, of course, I watch. How can you not watch?!

Tonight's was especially entertaining. So entertaining, in fact, that Mom and I were perched at the window watching it. All that was missing was the popcorn. Here's what happened. (The mother of the family will be called Mother. The father, Father. And the daughter, Daughter. Clever of me, huh?)

Father and Daughter come storming out of the house while screaming at each other. Each one is headed toward the car which is parked alongside the curb on the busy highway. I can't tell exactly what the fighting is about, but it appears that Daughter is wanting to borrow the car and Father doesn't want that to happen. So, Father gets in the driver's seat before Daughter can and he just sits there. Daughter stands in front of the car so he can't drive it anywhere if he wanted to. Then, she hops up on the hood of the car and sits there so he can't drive. About 10 minutes later, (yes, she sat there like a baby for ten minutes which is stupid cuz in this town you can walk somewhere in less than that ammount of time) Mother comes out of the house and starts screaming at Daughter (Remember, all on a public street). So, Daughter decides to fight with Mother now. She hops off the car and follows Mother into the house. Father gets out of the car, lifts the hood, and takes some cable or something out. Then he goes inside. Daughter comes back outside with the phone and is bitching to one of her friends (a guess) about what had just happened. Hopefully, this friend was thinking, "OMG! You did that?! How immature!" But anyway, she goes back inside after bitching to her friend and comes back out. She goes to the car, gets in, and tries to start it. But, it won't start. Father had sabotaged it so she couldn't use it. So, she goes back inside and then comes back out. She heads behind the house and Father comes out and follows her. Then he goes back inside. Moments later, Daughter comes from behind the house on her bike and rides off to where she could've been a long time ago if she wasn't such an immature bitch. Then, Father puts the cable back in the car and goes inside. The End.

How insane is that?!