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Quote: "i wonder if she named her breasts. sillicon and falsy" -Shannon (after seeing who i linked in my last entry)
Updated: cast lists and a boot list (available upon request)

So Mom has messed things up for me kinda. She has been harrassing me to start cleaning out my room and packing things up. Yesterday she just totally went off on me though, so I did some. My room is almost completely empty of everything that made it MY room. It feels so weird in there now. I could barely sleep. It just didn't feel like my sanctuary anymore. She wants to make it into a guest room or something. Gee thanks, Mom. I don't even remember the last time she had overnight guests. Whatever. If this is some weird way of coping, it's hurting my feelings.

We were all sitting here watching the Emmys last night and Mikala started laughing rather hard. It got to the point where it kinda choked her, and all of her food came right back up and all over the floor. I just turned my little head the other way and pretended not to notice.

Damn. I really need to write things down that I want to talk about. I can never remember a damn thing when it comes time to update.

Um, I made a list of my boots, so if you are interested in seeing it for possible trading, email me for the list.

I got paid today for singing at the wedding. It's sad, but I know I am just going to end up wasting that $25 on something pointless. I am so bad with money. When I finally have some, I waste it. I'll never learn either. It's something I know I will always struggle with.

Something funny did happen tonight. I got a phone call that amused me. Here's a transcript:

*phone rings*
Me: Hello.
Man: Hey!
[i do not recognize the voice, but he obviously is someone i know. perhaps my uncle?]
Me: (unsure) Hi
Man: What have you been up to?
Me: (still unsure) Nothing
Man: Oh, that's no fun.
Me: (nervous chuckle)
Man: Listen, I saw that Cadillac down at so-and-so's house.
Me: (realize this HAS to be a wrong number) Ummmm, ahhhhh, someone just came to....um....the door. Um...can I call you back in a few minutes?
Man: Sure.
Me: Bye!

That man is still probably waiting for whomever (yay! i used whom!) it was he meant to call to return his call. Oh well. Not my problem.

I also got a call wanting me to sing at that yearly festival in Centerville again. I told them I didn't think I was going to be in town at the time even though I knew I was going to be. I'm so evil.

Um, there was an ad in the paper today about a Starsearch-esque thing going on here in Iowa soon. I'd like to do it, but I'm not sure if it is a scam or not. Afterall, the ad was very tiny, so I know it wasn't THE Starsearch we all know about. Also, there was a grammatical error in the ad, so how reputable of an organization can it be? There's always the chance the newspaper made the mistake, but how am I to know? I'd like to do it if I was certain it was a real thing, but how am I to know? I don't want to be scammed. I'm pretty sure there aren't many people out there who jump at the chance to be scammed though, so it was kinda obvious that I don't want it, huh? Oh, leave me alone! I've had a long day.

So, yeah. That brings you up to pace with where I'm at. Exciting, huh?