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The wedding was today. Got there and had a flower pinned to my lapel. It had fake dew droplets on it. As if people are really going to think that there was dew in the church! Gimme a break!

Anyway. Rehearsed a few times. Then just waited. La dee da. They had it set up all wrong and people had to walk all the around to get to and from their seats. But oh well. If that's how they wanted it, then so be it.

The wedding started. There were a few people in the crowd that I knew. I always hate performing for people I know. I'd much rather it be a group of complete strangers. It's ok if people I know are in the audience as long as I don't know they are there.

We sang our songs. They went as good as they could've considering the amount of practice we had. I wasn't overly impressed with how we did, but everyone else seemed to be, so who am I to complain? I'll be happy as long as I get my money soon. How selfish can I possibly be?!

Durley left to go to another wedding reception. She invited me to come along, but it was over three hours away and I didn't feel like the long trip, so I stayed home. Speaking of wedding receptions, we were invited to this one today. Only problem is, they didn't tell us where it was at! Just like they never told me where the wedding was, what time it started, anything. They were so unorganized. I could be at a wedding reception eating free food right now, but who knows where the hell it's at?!

The whole wedding experience today on the whole was nice. This was the first wedding I've been to since I've been old enough to really appreciate and understand what was going on and what exactly the two people felt for each other. It, of course, got me to thinking about my future. I hope I get to the point sometime in my life where I want to make that commitment with someone. To live our lives for each other. Forever. I want to be able to say "I do." Will it ever happen? I don't think anyone knows for sure. I can't control what has been set down as my destiny, but I hope a love that strong is in it somewhere down the road, and hopefully an eternal one.

My friend has felt badly recently. Megan, always know that I love you. Just because you are far away and not here with me does not mean that you are not part of my life. You are a true friend, and always will be. You hold a place in my heart.

Today, I walked into the kitchen to hear my mother singing a Backstreet Boys song. Um...scary!

I just realized something. The person I end up spending my life with could be out there somewhere reading this right now.