Time: 8:34 PM CST
TV: Another Fall Preview
IM/ICQ: not a soul. talk to me someone!
Internet: i want my mtv

I remembered something I was going to talk about yesterday. The MTV awards also had some interesting wardrobes. I must say Lil Kim's outfit grabbed my attention. At first, I was just in shock. But when I think about it, I think it was really cool! That took guts to wear something like that. Lord knows if I had a decent body I would wear as little as possible. Three cheers for Lil Kim for making a statement!

Kory and Sawyer showed up today. Kory and I ended up in a debate about Q*bert. He said that Q was purple. I disagreed with my recolection that Q was in fact orange. We argued. At this point I felt like one of those divas on the talk shows who stands up and waves her arms just spouting out her opinion without listening to other people. "Talk to the hand, beeotch!" I said orange, he said purple. I said orange. He said purple. So, to prove that he was right, Kory said we should check on the net for a picture. We found one. You be the judge. Here's Q*bert in all his glory.

I just saw a preveiw for a new cartoon-esque show on the Disney thingy "1 Saturday Mornings" on ABC. It's called "Centerville" or something like that. It was basically these old pics of kids and they made their mouths move and had them saying funny things. I don't know if it was an actual show or not. It may have been just a short little thing at the beginning or end of commercial breaks every now and then. Regardless of what it is, it is going to give my home town a bad name. This bothers me. It was MY job to give Centerville a bad name. What am I supposed to do now?! Leave it to Disney to take over the world. First they take over Broadway, now my life! Oy.

I made my own meals all day today. I was so proud. Then Mom went and brought me some Subway. I, being a growing boy, ate it. It was one of those chicken parmesan wraps. But this one was in a tomato basil tortilla. It just looked...wrong! It also had a weird flavor to it, but I ate it anyway. Then came the cookies! There are no better cookies than subway cookies! OMG! I love them! What was the point I was trying to make? Oh yes, I was a big boy and made my own meals today! I'm growing up so fast!

That damn wedding is tomorrow. I don't even remember what time I am supposed to be there. The last thing I want to do is get out that damn suit and go sit through a boring wedding to sing two damn songs that suck. How do I get myself into these things?

I really wanna be on The Real World or Road Rules. They are currently casting. Anyone want to lend me a camcorder??