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Updated: small tinkerings here and there. nothing major though.

Well, Jan has moved out. She still has a few things left to move, but she is pretty much gone. She is sleeping in her new place and also eating her meals there. More food for me! I am gonna kill myself for saying it, but I...kinda...miss them. Eeek.

Practiced the wedding music with Durley for the first time today. Kinda late to start considering the wedding is in two days. It went surprisingly well for our first time. And thank goodness she can harmonize at the drop of a hat! We actually aren't going to practice again until right before the wedding, that's how well it went. Fine by me.

Ok, tonight was the MTV Video Music Awards. No real comment on the show. I watched to see the performances. They were ok. Some were good, some weren't. I am a closet Britney Spears fan and I also am one of Nsync so I thought it was cool how they performed together. Still upset I didn't get to use my third row tickets to their concert this summer. It was so not cool that Chris Rock did the same jokes he had done on Conan the night before. Um, get some new material!

Speaking of MTV, Road Rules is now playing in Canada. Why do I care? Well, I have been telling all my Canadian friends about this show forever and they never knew what I was talking about, and it is such and interesting show to try to explain. Well, it finally premeired there last night. They are showing the first season which is my fave one. Now all we need is to get The Real World to go up north and we would be living in a perfect world.

Today is 9.9.99. Kinda cool.