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TV: One Life To Live
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Quote: Anything with "hella" in it. Everyone I met this weekend used this word a lot. As a tribute to them, I will use it often in this entry.
Updated: Closing Night Review

I am finally home and able to update! What a weekend!

Where to begin. Ok. I'll just give you a play by play of what went on. Sound good? Good.

Saturday, I got to the airport and hopped on the plane. Pretty uneventful except for the fact that I was feeling hella sick for some unknown reason. But I got to Phoenix and had two and a half hours to just chill. I tried to get a bite to eat, but felt sick again after only a few bites. So, I got on the plane and flew to San Fran. There was this creep who was pointing out all the "chics" on the flight to me. Um...ok.

Got to San Fran and was expecting to see Marc waiting for me at the gate. He wasn't there. I made some calls and then got in the shuttle to my airport.

Checked in and already had two messages waiting for me. I must be hella popular! There was one from Ricky and one from Marc. He wasn't at the airport cuz of a family emergency. He wasn't going to be able to meet up til tomorrow. I was kinda disappointed, but I got over it when I saw my king size bed in the room. Trampoline time!

The only place to eat was the hotel restaurant, so I went down there and got the cheapest thing I could find. Then I took some brochures up to the room and looked through them. Did you know there were hippie frogs in San Fran? Me neither.

I decided to relax by taking a long, long, hot shower. It was heaven. It felt so good to just unwind.

Then I spent the evening watching tv and just chilling.

Next day.

Woke up, got around, had some breakfast. I was supposed to meet Marc and Steph at 10:30, but I ended up getting ready a lot sooner than I thought, so I left early. I ended up getting there at 8:45. So, I just walked around. I walked down Market, and, without planning it, came across the theatre. I hung around for a bit and started to get misty-eyed, so I left.

I decided to do some shopping while I waited for the others to show up. Went to Virgin and looked at some music. Then I went to the Gap. Damn, they are so expensive! There were some boxer briefs and flannels I wanted, but I wasn't going to pay hella money for them. I would've if I would've had the money though.

Then I hung out watching the cable cars and such waiting for the rest to show up. While I waited, I saw some guy rob the Gap. He came running out with a huge pile of shirts and he jumped into a waiting car. It drove off hella quickly. Saw a homeless guy with a cool sign. "Why lie? I want beer."

Marc and Steph showed up 30 minutes late, cuz Marc overslept. They had two friends with them. Richard, who reminds me of Wilson Cruz, and Jeff. They were hella fun! I was laughing my ass off the whole day, and I felt totally comfortable around them.

We decided to go to Fisherman's Wharf and Pier 39. It was about an hour walk up these hills that were almost vertical. I don't know how people walk there. It was insanity.

Got to the wharf and pissed around in the shops. Stood up on the pier and looked out at the water while chatting. It was rather clear. I enjoyed seeing Alcatraz, and was happy I was not IN Alcatraz. I was content seeing it from the shore. There was some pretty fog around the Golden Gate Bridge.

For some reason, we decided to share little talents we had. I must've been on crack, cuz I actually got down on the ground in the middle of this HUGE crowd and put my feet behind my head. Apparently several people saw it. Oy! Why don't I think before I do things?!

Then this guy came up to us and offered to take a picture of us for $5. wtf?! So, anyway, we agreed. We had nothing better to do. So, he gets ready to take a Polaroid of us (a freakin polaroid!) and this guy almost walks in front of him. Polaroid Man verbally assaults this guy by screaming "HEY!" All of us were scared to death by now. Then he explains to us how to make the depth of the picture bleed through by stroking the back of the picture. Um...loony!

But not as loony as some of the street performers we saw. There were silver men pretending to be statues and then there was the guy jumping barefoot into piles of broken glass.

We caught a bite to eat and headed back to the theatre to get ready to do lotto. This time we took the cable car so we didn't have to trudge up the vertical hills. We waiting in this hella long line. Listened to a Jewel wannabe and saw a man swallow a sword. How did San Fran get all the loonies?

I harrassed Marc all day relentlessly cuz he was joking around and said something that would've been somewhat insulting if it hadn't been a joke. I pretended to be hella offended all day and made him feel hella bad. Teehee.

This is when the show stuff started. Read the review for the info about it.

Next day I woke up hella early and only after a few hours of sleep. Got back on the planes and came back home. Had 164 new email messages waiting for me. Oy!

That weekend kicked hella ass.