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My plans for San Fran got seriously fucked up. Turns out I can't stay where I was going to, so I had to find a new place or Mom wasn't going to let me go. So, after over a day of searching, I got a hotel room. This means spending over $250 more. This comes from the money we didn't have to begin with, so I don't know what's gonna happen. I feel so horrible about having to make Mom spend more money. I know I am not going to have quite as much fun because I will feel so guilty. And it doesn't help that she knows how to make me feel horrible and take all the fun out of life anyway. Oh well. I should be an adventure one way or the other.

So, current plans for San Fran? Beats me! I get off the plane and am supposed to meet Rachel at the theatre. If I get there soon enough, then see the matinee with her. If not, then perhaps be a bad boy and sneak in for the second act. Then hang out with her before she heads back to NYC. Possibly, if he gets off work on time, go clubbing with Marc that night. I have never been clubbing before, so it should be quite an experience if we end up doing that. Then sleep.

Next day, not sure yet. Marc and Steph are going to pick me up and show me the city. So basically, it is up to them. I'm at their mercy.

Then, the show. I don't even know where to start. It's going to be SO emotional. I will be bawling the entire time. I've never seen someone bawl during "Voicemail #2" but I know I will be. I'll be sitting there the whole time thinking, "this is the last time that'll happen. this is the last time she'll say that, and do that, and hold that." I'm gonna be a wreck. As I am sure everyone else there will be too, and perhaps a lot of the cast. It's going to be an event. I can't even describe how surreal it'll be.

Winning the lotto is going to be basically impossible. Thank goodness I have my seat in Row C! Whew!

And the stage door after the show! OMG! Panda-freakin-monium. Tons of flowers, tons of gifts, tons of flashbulbs. Tons of tears.

I will be booting the show (of course) and possibly even taking pictures during the show. Or at least during the bows. But I'm certain there will be tons of booting going on. Both audio and maybe even a video or two. I wouldn't mind having one of those.

I'll be sure to recount every detail of the trip (or at least the things I remember). Probably won't update before I get back for two reasons. One: not expecting anything of worth to talk about before then. TWO: August entries were quite ample. I deserve a little break, right??

Be sure to join the new update list or I'll have to kick your ass.

See you in a few days!