Well, I got the part in the musical I wanted. Yes, I will be dressing in drag. I play the character named "Jerry." However, he spends most of the show answering to the name "Daphne." I'm so excites to begin rehearsals. They start tonight. It's going to be way cool! I'd better start getting comfortable with my falsetto. I'll need to practice walking in heels. Maybe I should ask Wilson for some drag wearing advice. I'm up for anything anyone can say that'll help me. Any advice from you ladies out there? Please!

Two days ago, my home town held it's annual celebration. It's called Pancake Day. Stop laughing! Anyway, I was asked to sing at the queen coronation. Very cool! Tons of people show up at the coronation to watch and I was scared out of my mind. I sang "This is the Moment" and "All the Things You Are." I was so scared! A bunch of my friends were entered in the contest, so I was glad about that. I wasn't sure if I'd be able to serenade some of my closest friends. It'd be weird. I did get to wear a tux though. I looked sexy! Anyway, one of my friends who is now a freshman at ISU ended up being crowned queen. Congrats, Tatum! I'm proud of you!

That was my weekend.