Well, I changed the name of this diary today. I didn't think "My Online Diary" was very original or creative. So, "Nick Nax" is the new name of this page...whether you like it or not! I thought, "Hmmm..."Nick Nax" is kinda creative and original" so that's what I'm calling it. It's also the title of my column in my school's newspaper. Nobody better write me and tell me that I spelled knickknacks wrong. My name is Nick, so I'm spelling like that. It's a play on words for all you idiots out there who still haven't gotten it yet!

I'm now a proud papa! No, I haven't had a kid. Even better! Last night I became the proud papa of I don't know how many sea monkeys! Yeah! Go sea monkeys! I'll let you know how well my new children are doing from time to time. They're so smart! I bet there's a future president among them. Ok, I know that 85% of you are now thinking that I'm a huge dork! The rest of you don't have enough brain cells to come to that conclusion, so, if you didn't think I was a dork, then...well, I'm sorry you're a dumbass!

I have this really bad rug-burn on my left knee. I got it a few days ago. My niece, Mikala, was visiting, and so I was playing with her. I would crawl around and chase her while she would run around the house. She seemed to enjoy it. Well, long story short - I have this really bad rug-burn on my knee now. It used to hurt really bad, but now it just looks horrible. I won't be wearing many shorts until after it fades. By then, though, it'll be too cold to wear shorts. Damn it! I gave up shorts for the acceptance of a 14 month girl. Not like I look good in shorts anyway; I don't have sexy legs or anything, and she's worth it. She's my little angel. She likes to give kisses...a bunch of kisses. I think I got 1023 kisses from her while she was visiting. Hmmm...mommies always kiss sores to make them feel better. Maybe Mikala should put that kissing habit to good use and kiss my rug-burn.

That's all you deserve to hear about today, you filthy maggots! Come back later, and if I find you worthy, then maybe I'll tell you some more things...maybe ;)