Don't you hate it when you walk into a spiderweb?! I hate it! I did it this morning...and I hated it! You can't see them very well, so you have no idea it's there. You don't know about them until it's just too late. You feel this string touch your face, and you instantly know that you're doomed. And why is it always the face?! It's ALWAYS the face. The dams cobweb always wraps around my face! It then decides to tangle itself in my hair. This just adds to my enjoyment of the whole event. And it's impossible to get out. For three weeks you walk around pulling little strands of whatever it is that comes out of a spider's ass off of your face and out of your hair. Ok, maybe three weeks is a little bit of an exaggeration, but really people, it seems to take that long! I hate it! Death to spiders! And who lives in webs anymore, anyway? They need to get with the times and get a condo!