Oh, I hate school already! It's only been a week, and it feels like a lifetime. This isn't a good sign. I just keep remebering that it's my last year, and then I get to go away to college (Go Cyclones!)

Ok, I have this "friend" named Sawyer. He is quite...um...interesting. Today, we were listening to "Season's of Love," and he thought, "Hmmm...we should measure time in cups of coffee." He then proceded to develop his own time system based on coffee. I can't remeber them all, but they went something like this: 1 latte = 2 capuccinos. 2.4 capuccinos = 6 espressos. 21 espressos = 3000 Starbucks and etc... I asked if decaffeinated meant that it was AM, and he replied, "No, that means it's a leapyear!" I know this doesn't come accross as humorous in typeface, but with his delivery, it was hilarious. I was wetting myself...well, not quite, but you get the idea. He's also the guy that creates all of the original artwork for my website, including the logo, the odd image of me under the title of my "Who am I?" section as well as future creations. I had to veto one of his, because it was just a little too...mature...for my wholesome site. You can visit his site, but I don't reccommend it. There's nothing there, and you probably haven't signed my guestbook yet. You must do that before you leave! You think I'm kidding?! Try me! ;)

Well, anyhoo, before you start getting the idea that Sawyer is a saint, and I'm pretty sure he's not, let me pass along this little story to all of you, my faithful followers. This afternoon, while he and I were having what I thought was a pleasant conversation, Sawyer decided to try to chop my arm off. Yes, I speak nothing but the truth. His weapon - a three ringed binder. He's such a resourceful young man, isn't he? Well, I, being the actor that I am, decided to play up the pain. I writhed on the floor, I groaned, I whimpered. Sawyer - he laughed. I still have the battle scar and plan to flaunt it in his face whenever I want him to do something. He probably isn't reading this, because he's suppossed to be cleaning his room, because he has company coming to stay with him. They've traveled VERY far, and nothing less than a spotless house will be accepted. Happy cleaning, Sawyer! Mwah-ha-ha-ha!