Day: Tuesday
Time: 7:04 PM EST
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Quote: "He paid a fortune for a swatch of pubic hair." -Erin (making fun of me for buying the wig i bought)
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I know I always joked that I never update anymore...but seriously, it's like I'm back from the dead now. It's been about three weeks. I really have no new excuses as to why no updating. Just the same old being too busy sob story.

A lot has happened. More than I will be able to remember to tell, but that's the way it goes.

I'm almost done with third semester here at AMDA. I've applied to be a group leader. If I get the job, it'll be my responsibility to make sure 20ish new students are where they need to be and when during orientation week. And I get free food and free tickets to a show for doing it. What could be better? I get to look older and wiser in their eyes. What could be better? I get to meet all the new fresh meat first. What could be better?!

I had my headshots done yesterday. I had fun. I was a little nervous going into them cuz I didn't really think she had a firm handle on my personality and who I was. But things went better than I thought they did. I got some sample pictures and everyone seems to like them. I love this photographers work and so I know she is a good one to go to, but I just hate the way I look on film, so of course I'm not going to like anything, right? But all my friends and people I trust say my shots look good, so I'll trust them. I'm just not sure it was worth the 8 million dollars I had to pay. Oh well. Too late now.

Things with Jason are over basically. They never really bagan. We had that one date, and that's about it. I called a few times, but my calls were never returned which made me feel like an ass and really helped my self-esteem. But I've moved on. I really liked him and would've liked to have gotten to know him better, but I guess it just wasn't meant to be. There's someone else I've got my eye on now...and I think he has his eye on me as well. More to come later in the entry ;-)

In my last entry (Aug 31) I forgot to mention that it was my 2 year anniversary of having an online diary. Wow. Time flies. I can still remember typing the first one up.

I was sad when CATS closed a week or so ago. I didn't really love the show all that much, but it was a Broadway legend. And it was sad to say that chapter close. I did end up going to the flea market and buying stuff I really don't need. I got Mungojerrie's leotard and Coricopat's wig. Along with one of the dog heads. Why? I simply don't know.

So more about this new boy in my life. I say that like he and I are dating, when actually we're not....yet. But anything is possible. We may start sometime soon-ish. Or not. But at any rate. He's my crush. His name is Will. And he is showing some interest in me as well. I finally got up the courage to talk to him after over a week of slinking around and having friends talk to him (which is incredibly junior high, but i am immature often) and he seemed pleased that I was finally initiating conversation and getting the ball rolling. I finally asked him if he wanted to do something sometime and he asked me to a little party he is throwing in a few weeks. It's a few weeks away, but I am going to try to be patient and wait. I don't want to rush things and mess them up, ya know?

We may be being evicted from the apartment. Long story, but yeah. Which would be bad since there are some guys who walk in front of their windows nude here. Oh, and the being homeless thing would suck too.

The frogs died. Well, one of them did. The other is currently eating the dead one. Potter is doing fine. He hates me. Likes to bite.

So, I feel as if that's enough to get the ball rolling again with my updating habits, hopefully. Talk to you later...but maybe sooner, if my schedule permits.