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Quote: "Nobody in this classroom is a diva...except me." -Linda Glick (my musical theatre teacher)
Updated: bits and pieces here and there

Well, look who it is! I'm back from the dead!

I must say I have missed all of you, and missed updating. Sorry it took me so long to get back in the swing of things. Hopefully, this is the first entry that will get my back into my updating phase.

So, there is more to tell than I can ever tell, so I have no idea what to do or where to begin.

Um....school! I love school. The classes are great. I am thrilled that I am finally surrounded by people who all share my passion for theatre and performing and take it as seriously as I do. My class has bonded so well from the start. We are a big family. We cry almost daily in classes. Sometimes multiple times daily. It's such a comfortable environment.

Classes. They include Voice Production and Speech (VPS), Musical Theatre Performance (MTP), Acting, Sight-Singing, Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Theatre Dance, and Voice Lessons. Here's a breakdown of them:

VPS: Basically we learn how to speak. Yup. Talking 101.
MTP: Great class. We get assigned songs to learn and then we perform them for the class. We learn techniques to "act" the song and all kinds of great stuff. I got a perfect score on my first song. Only one to do that. Yay for me!
Acting: Self explanatory.
Sight-Singing: Oy. Ear trainging, theory, and everything else rolled up all in one. Very difficult. I kinda enjoy the challenge though.
Jazz: My favorite class. I LOVE jazz. Can't say the same for all my dance classes, but with this one...I can't wait for it. If jazz told me to kill someone, I would. That's how much i love jazz.
Tap: Eh. It's tap. What's to explain?
Ballet: The best part of this class is seeing me in tights ;-)
Theatre Dance: In this class we are learning to walk. No joke.
Voice Lessons: Like them. But my teacher can't play piano which bothers me. I'm hitting notes higher than I ever have though, so I guess that's good.

Friends. Well, I don't really have anyone I can call a "best friend" yet. But I have a lot of friends. My class (F1) is full of great kids. My building has some cool people in it too. I hung out with some people the first few weeks. I don't hang with them anymore. All they did was drink and smoke. I dealt with it cuz I liked them. But then they started smoking pot. They felt I was inferior cuz I didn't want to hang out with them while they did that. So I don't hang out with them anymore. I can't respect people who can't respect me. Unfortunately, I was an ass and became too friendly with one of them a couple of nights. Nothing serious happened except me losing respect for myself. But I've learned from it and feel that it helped me to learn something about myself. And now I think I am a better person. I know it hurt a lot of people, and I am truly sorry about that. If you ever forgive me, it will be too soon.

Job. Yes, I have a job! I work for Disney. I am a merchandising cast member at the Broadway show "Beauty and the Beast." I use the term cast member cuz all Disney employees are called cast members. Our uniforms are called costumes as well. Interesting huh? So, I work there and see the show a lot. But it's worth it. I get to exit through the stage door each night which has always been a dream of mine. And you wanna know how they do all the special effects in that show? Welllll, it's Disney Magic. Sorry, I can't tell. :P

Roomie. His name is Jeff. We don't get along, but we don't not get along. Ya know what I mean? We're just roomies. Nothing less, nothing more. We have nothing in common really. I hated him for awhile. He would open my mail and monopolize the computer, but things have gotten a lot better since then. But I still want a different roomie next semester. Someone who I have more in common with.

Shows I've seen since getting here. Rent, Jekyll and Hyde, Kat and the Kings, Footloose, Naked Boys Singing, The Donkey Show, Gum, Sideman and probably more I can't remember. I've run into several celebs, both stage and screen, since living here. It's always odd walking down the street and running into some star.

I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving. I can't decide if mine was good or not. I wanted to go to the parade, but had nobody to go with. So, I didn't. I called home and got really depressed cuz I wasn't there. Kinda crashed some friends' dinner. It was actually more like a pity invitation. It was an awesome meal though. Turkey, stuffing, corn, green beans, mashed potatoes, gravy, sweet potatoes, rolls, salad, cranberries, etc. A REAL Thanksgiving meal. Watched movies til 3 in the morning. So, I guess it was good. I just wish I coulda been home.

I went shopping today for Christmas gifts. What was I thinking?! Going to the largest Macy's on the busiest shopping day of the year = foolish. I spent almost $150 today. It makes me feel ill just thinking about it.

Well, I know I have given you the VERY abridged update on the past month and a half of my life. I apologize for that. The main thing is that I'm having a blast. I feel blessed to be living my dream. So, in the Thanksgiving spirit, I guess I am thankful for that...for living the dream I always held growing up and knowing that I am on my way to my goal in life.

It's good to be back.