Ok, I've been told (by SEVERAL people) that this diary is becoming too depressing (I was even accused of being on drugs) to read and that I should write in more the style of the earlier entries. Whatever. I also had someone tell me I am supposed to mention her name in an entry, so I'll kill two birds with one stone and do it all now.

Well, the musical was a few weeks ago. It went great! It was a blast! The audiences loved it and those of us on stage were having fun! I've received many compliments. As I had expected, wearing drag was very fun...and interesting. I can't say I enjoyed wearing panty hose though. I must admit that I looked DAMN GOOD in my dresses! I had girls coming up to me telling me that I looked better in dresses than they did. Well, naturally! I am a size 6 if any of you want to buy me some clothes. :)

Well, Thanksgiving is this week. I'm not really sure what I'm thankful for. A lot of things come to mind, but I dunno. We'll just wait and see what comes up on that day. I don't intend on telling any of you, because none of you deserve to know! So, while I'm eating turkey (yuck!) you can all be wondering what it is I'm thankful for. Is Nick thankful for health? Is Nick thankful for family and friends? Is Nick thankful for those little plastic pieces on the ends of shoelaces? I'll never tell!

Lyndsay Bailey *tee hee* There you go, Lynds!