Day: Thursday
Time: 11:36 AM EST
Music: Songs for a New World
IM/ICQ: Shannon
Internet: random link jumping
Quote: "Your people are used to the heat!" -Matthew (an evil joke that crossed the line, but was oh so funny)
Fun Link: none

Well, I was supposed to get my headshots today, but had a call that there were computer problems and they aren't ready. Gee, this is a good sign. I took this as an opportunity to call and request things for my shots yet again so that they weren't weird when I got them. We shall see when I go pick them up tomorrow.

Drama showcase is going to suck. At best, I'll be in two scenes. The way the director is doing it is absurd. But odds are I am only in one. And although it is a hilarious scene which is a blast to do, it is a kind of style (Durang, for those of you who know his work and his style) that wouldn't really showcase me well if it were to be the only thing I did. So I am hoping I am not only doing The Hardy Boys... (the funny one), but also Biloxi Blues which would show a more centered and dramatic side of me. I am really hoping I got both of them.

The director had NO clue what to do with me. I am such an odd type that I can kinda understand that though. I'm not the dramatic leading man at all. I'm more of the supportive character. The innocent, funny, naive, open, kinda quirky sometimes, young, supportive character. But then again, not all roles like that work for me or even come close. So it is hard to find a character that fits me right. He was trying so hard too, the poor guy. He kept having me read scene after scene after scene. The last two he had me read were the Biloxi Blues and the The Hardy Boys (the latter of which I had read two days prior).

Today is my one year anniversary of working at Beauty and the Beast.

Well, I got up early to go get my headshots, but now that I don't need them, I guess I'll just goof off online. What else is new, right?