Day: Tuesday
Time: 11:42 PM EST
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Internet: random link jumping
Quote: "Oh dude!" -Porn Star (The Show II)
Fun Link: none

So here I am and so soon after my last update. The planets must have aligned.

My drama showcase does not appear to be going the direction I had hoped. Not sure if the director knows what is going on and what he is even supposed to be doing. There are three scenes I would kill to do, but it appears as if none of them are going to be chosen. I'll get stuck with some horrible shit scene. Gee, fabulous.

So, I made my final decision on headshots two weeks ago today and I pick them up Thursday. I got three. A smile one and a drama one. And then a slightly more neutral one that I can use for commercial stuff also. I'm kinda scared to get them though. A lot of people are not happy with the photographer at the moment. She is doing things that people did not agree to and not doing things that people specifically asked for. Including not even giving them the correct picture. I am scared I am going to get fucked over too.

Not a whole hell of a lot has happened in the last two days to write about. I finished up the VPS Tour today. It was fun, but also kinda monotonous and boring at the same time. I enjoyed doing my rhythm poem for people except it got to be tedius by the end. Doing it 10 times can get to be obnoxious.

Have you ever been poked in the eye with a penis? I can now say that I have. Don't you feel green with envy!