Day: Wednesday
Time: 12:49 PM EST
Music: Aida
IM/ICQ: none
Internet: bookmarks
Quote: "GROSS!!!" -Colin (reacting to a troll at The Works)
Fun Link: none

I thought today would be a day without depression. Guess I was wrong.

Demos aren't going well. I had one yesterday which I thought went wonderfully, but my notes on it said I should take the evening review classes. What a smack in the face.

Viewed an apartment last night. It was amazing. Marble bathroom, hardwood floors, view of the river and of the bridge. Gorgeous view! Amazing. It was the perfect apartment. But the people I was going to take it with don't want it cuz the neighborhood was less than perfect. So now I am stuck living here for 4 more months it appears. And since Kat got an apartment, my new roomie is Dustin. Not sure if this is going to work or not. Scared. Very scared.

The worst part was the people I was going to live with knew this apartment was my only hope, and yet they were so flippant after seeing it and deciding not to take it. Hi, this is my life, not some fun afternoon outing. This is my life. Please don't be so flippant about it.

Maybe Sara will let me live with her til I find a place of my own? It's worth a shot. It doesn't hurt to ask. I just know that whatever happens, I need out of AMDA housing. Really badly. I will get even worse if I live here longer.

Are there any over-the-counter anti-depressants? Mom is making me talk to someone when I go home for break. I know this is a good thing, but I just don't want to. I hate admitting I need help. Especially help like this.

Tony Awards in a few days. Exciting.

Found out an old friend from back home is in the city for the summer. Very excited. Gonna try to call and get ahold of her. See if we can meet up and have dinner or something. I loved her so much. It'll be great to see her again.

Well, this was supposed to be my day off, but a class got scheduled, so I am going to have to get ready to go to that, so I am heading out. If anyone wants to live with me, let me know right now and maybe we can still get the awesome apartment mentioned above.