Day: Friday
Time: 12:36 PM EST
Music: Silence
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Quote: "My pee has never been flourescent" -Michelle (gee, thanks for that bit of info)
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Finals, schminals.

Yeah, it's finals time. I shouldn't complain though. At least I don't have to do essays and exams for my finals like other schools have to. For mine all I have to do is act, sing, and dance. How shabby is that? Not too.

So, the other day in jazz class, a sparrow flies in through the window and smacks right into the wall of mirrors. Ow. There was still some sparrow splatter later that day. No one bothered to clean it up.

So anyway, I had a lunch date yesterday. I was very excited. I came home from my dance demo (the AMDA term for a final) and got all spiffily dressed and got all ready. My date was going to call and let me know where to meet and when. The date was at 3. Well...I still haven't gotten that call. Almost 24 hours later, and I still haven't gotten the call. I have been stood up. This was the first time I've ever been stood up. I felt like shit. I felt worthless and even embarrassed. I hope I never do that to somebody else. It feels like shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. And since it was a lunch date, I didn't eat before it. And I didn't get breakfast cuz my demo was so early. Therefore, I didn't get to eat my first meal til 8:30 that night. Lovely.

I am now inhaling my lunch. Was going to eat at McD's, but everyone else wanted to come home, so I just had McD's deliver. There is a $10 minimum on delivery though and I did not know this. So I had to order two meals for myself. Do you hear that? That's the sound of me getting fat.

Tony Awards coming up in little over a week. So very excited to go! I can't wait. It's going to be so exciting. Surreal almost.

Bre's been discussing my penis lately. Um....

Was just informed that I am going have to move next week. My room is no longer going to be available and so I have to move. This is just what I need. Being forced to move while dealing with the hassles of demos, getting ready to go home, and everything else I need to be doing. Sigh.

Well, I'm hungry and I can't type at eat at once, so I'm leaving now.