Day: Sunday
Time: 11:00 PM EST
Music: Ragtime
IM/ICQ: none
Internet: bookmarks
Quote: "You don't have to be afflicted to be affected." and "No condoms? Get Outta My House!" -A t-shirt and a button (at the AIDS walk)
Fun Link: none

What a day!

I woke up before dawn to get ready for the AIDS walk. I was all set to go til it came time to put my shoes on and leave. I couldn't find my sneakers. Where had I left them?! I need them to walk. A quick thought and I remembered I had left them in Dustin's room. I wasn't about to go down and wake him up at 8 AM considering he probably didn't even get home til the early morning hours. So, I sucked it up and wore my Docs. What a mistake!

As I rode the subway to get to the walk, I started seeing other people with their folders. It was very neat thinking that we would all be participating in this awesome event. Walking the last few blocks was very powerful. I saw people coming from all directions and congregating at the registration area. It was such an awe inspiring feeling I got.

I registered...turned in my money, and then went to meet Rachel, my manager. We were walking together. We got a lot of free food during the walk. Yay for free food! And I got to see Wilson Cruz. Yay!

So the walk was amazing fun! It went by so quickly too, aside from the fact that my feet were killing me after a bit. So many people walking. You couldn't see the front of the line or the end. There were tons of people. More than I had ever imagined would be participating.

Perhaps the best part was seeing so many people just standing along side the trail cheering for us and clapping and screaming. It was such great motivation to keep going. There were two little babies in diapers looking at us and cheering from an apartment window along the way.

The oddest thing was about halfway through the walk. There were drag queens handing out free string cheese to the walkers. WTF?!

Rachel and I finished the walk, got our little stickers, and free ice cream. Then we left and were on our merry little ways.

I had a quick rehearsal for finals for school. Boring.

I saw a pigeon in the subway today. I wonder if he would have ever gotten on a train. And then later when he got off...he wouldn't know how he got there. That would amuse me. It doesn't take much to amuse me.

Tonight was Jim's last show. So emotional. I maintained my composure up until the last 15 minutes of the show. Then I lost it. They gave a special speech for him after the show. Very touching. The whole cast and audience sang to him. It was very touching.

After the show, I gave him the gift. I gave him a dozen roses, two bags of twizzlers, and a scrapbook I have been working on for almost two months now. I had cast and fans write him a goodbye letter and submit pics and anything else they wanted for it. It turned out amazing. I am very proud of it. Thanks to everyone who contributed. Especially to my secret agent in the cast who helped collect letters from them. Even better, Jim seemed very touched by it, which was the point, so I guess the gift was a success. And he gave me his nameplate! :)

And now I am home. Exhausted physically and emotionally from such a long day. So I am heading out.

Goodbye, Jim. Best of luck! Thanks for everything!