Day: Friday
Time: 3:00 PM EST
Music: Footloose
IM/ICQ: none
Internet: porn. of course
Quote: "That can happen by accident?" -Me (after someone in a chat room asked if anyone had ever had anal sex accidentally)
Fun Link: none

I know. I know. I haven't updated in forever. But the last thing I need is someone telling me everyday that I should update. I get the hint the first time. And they don't seem to realize that I lead a fairly busy life for a kid my age. And when I am online, I am sometimes actually there for a reason other than updating. With that out of the way...

Since it has been quite awhile since I last updated, I know I won't be telling you even half of what's gone on. But deal.

I got my tuxedo for the Tony Awards rented. I am getting very excited about going. It hasn't quite sunken in all the way that I am going yet, but I know once finals are over, I am going to be climbing the walls. But who knew tuxedos were so expensive. Yikes!

As I just mentioned, finals are coming up. They start next week. It is so insane to think I am almost done with my second term here already. Time has just flown by. Before you know it, I'll be accepting my own Tony Award. Hmmm. Maybe I am getting a little ahead of myself here. ;-)

Sunday is going to be a very busy day for me. I wake up at the crack of dawn and have the AIDS walk that morning/afternoon. I was unable to find enough people to sponsor me in order to reach my person goal. Everyone said they would, but when it came down to writing the check, they got wishy washy. But why doesn't this surprise me? I am sure I would've done the same thing. I'll probaby just end up sponsoring myself with enough to match my goal. Anyway, I have to get up way early for that. And I am kinda worried about it cuz I haven't been practicing or anything. I haven't gone walking to make sure I can go the whole 10K. But I assume the ammount of dancing I do, and walking to and from classes is enough to make me sure I can handle the walk.

Then, after the walk I have a rehearsal for finals. Blah.

Then, I go and say goodbye to a friend. Sunday nignt is Jim's last show. It is going to be somewhat emotional for me most likely. I hate goodbyes anyway, and add in the fact that he has become a wonderful friend for me and he is going all the way to Italy, and it just plain sucks. I just try to remind myself that he is going to back in a few months. Just a few months. Only a few months. A few short months.

I have been busy working on his gift. People finally gave me the things I needed and I was able to start work on it. I think it is coming alone quite nicely. I just need one more thing (I think) and I can finish it. And that thing is supposedly on its way to me and should get here by tomorrow I hope. I just hope he likes it. I've put a lot of thought and time into it.

I really can't think of anything else to say. Although I know there is tons that I am forgetting. Just be glad you got an update. And please, don't tell me I need to update my diary. It's just plain annoying and actually makes me want to wait longer before doing it. So please.