Day: Wednesday
Time: 5:47 PM EST
Music: Saturday Night Fever
IM/ICQ: Seth
Internet: nothing
Quote: "Can anyone get my wife and I some milk?" -Random Homeless Man (after erin gave him a bag of cereal to eat)
Fun Link: none

I am kinda pissed. I know you are all thinking "what else is new?" But I have good reason. I am working on a project for Jim since he leaves in less than two weeks now, and I gave everyone at least three weeks notice, and nobody has fulfilled their portion of the responsibility yet. Today was their deadline. I know some people have things currently in the mail to me, but what the hell?! I gave them three damn weeks! It hurts me slightly that they agree to help and then just sit on their asses.

On a much lighter note, today is my mom's birthday. Happy Birthday Mom! I won't embarrass you by telling everyone how old you are (51) so you have no need to worry. I wish could be at home to celebrate it with you.

I predicted it, and it has come true. I AM going to the Tony Awards this year. I got my ticket and am all set, aside from the fact that I do not have a tux, and it is a black tie event. They say if you aren't dressed to standards, they may not let you in. So, I either need to rent a tux, or find a nice friend who will loan me one. But the main point of the story is that I am going to the Tony Awards!

You have no idea how special this is for me. I remember watching awards shows all my life and dreaming that I would be at them one day. In my childhood fantasies, I envisioned myself winning an award at one, but now I am an adult and have been taught that not all dreams come true no matter how hard you wish, and I know that I may never win one...or even be nominated. So the fact that I will just be there is enough to make my dream come true. I think there should be a Tony Award for best merchandise and merchandising staff member ;-)

Less stress with finding an apartment. Turns out I can still live here over the summer. So, I am going to do that but also look for an apartment while the semester progresses and simply move out once I find one. This way I will have time to find a good one and not be rushed.

It has been so beastly hot here lately. I can't even sit in one place naked and not be sweating like a hairy wildebeast just after stampeding through a desert while eating tamales (nice simile, eh?).

And I've recently become a tad obsessed (not obsessed, but I don't know what else to call it) with a certain activity which may be taboo to mention here. It may be bad, but hey, it's also kinda fun and exciting.

I got my plane reservations for home now. I leave the day after the Tony Awards and am home in Iowa for a few weeks. It is going to be such a great time. I really need the break. I think everyone is started to get worn out (not physically, just emotionally and such) from going to school for so long in such an intense program. It is a much needed break. A time where I won't have to worry about whether or not I am on my mark, if my light is on, or what my particularization is. Ahhh. Heaven.

I filled out the census form today. It was weird knowing that I am no longer the same person in the census's eyes. The past 19.5 years don't even count.

I'm going to the Tonys!!!!!