Day: Thursday
Time: 10:11 AM EST
Music: Side Show
IM/ICQ: none
Internet: emails from years gone by
Quote: "Oh no! I missed April Fools Day!" -Michelle (yeah, by about a month. she is famous for being an idiot)
Fun Link: none

I need a 12-step program. I am a rollerblading freak.

The other night (at midnight) Keri, Heather and I decided rollerblading was the thing to do. It was all of our first times doing it in the city. We skated all the way down through Times Square and back. We went a total of 100 blocks at midnight. Fools? Yes.

So the next day Heather and I decide to skate again...and again...and once more. We bladed about three times that day. We are addicted. It is so fun and relaxing at the same time it's exhausting. But it is hell on my feet. I have a blister bubble the size of a quarter on the bottom of my foot. Yet, I still skate. Fool? Yes.

I finally got my music back from Dustin. He has had some of my CD's since last fall, and I went to his room. He wasn't there so I took them back before he got home. I don't think he's noticed they're gone yet.

I have come to the conclusion that there are NO apartments in this city. It is all a scam to drive people insane. It is impossible to find a place. And I have less than a month to find one or I will be homeless. I am getting very frightened. Pretty soon I am just going to start looking for one bedroom places and just live alone. Not the ideal situation, but if it means having a place to live, I'll do it.

The Tony Award Nominations come out in a few days. Excitment! And I am also still hopeful that I will be attending this years festivities.

I forgot to tell you about the party I went to. It was so fun! There were waitors walking around with trays of food and some Broadway celebs were there. Bre and I were having a grand time mingling and schmoozing. Scandle though. Scandle! Can't tell about it cuz it didn't involve me and I signed a contract. Sorry.

Enjoying Harry Potter. I have only read a teeny bit still, but am liking it a lot.

I have some weird magnet in me that finds Foot cast members on random days. I saw three within the span of an hour last night...all randomly. It always happens like that. I will run into one of them, and then end up seeing more later that day. Oh well...it's not like I'm complaining.

Started learning the opening number choreography to A Chorus Line in my Beth dance classes. It basically made me feel like I had 12 left feet and spaghetti arms. It is so fun though. It is amazing choreography, and I can't wait until I am able to do more than 12 counts of it.

Stuff to do today, so I should get going.

In the words of the crazy lunatic man on the street I saw the other night, "Have a half-circle day in May." Ummm.....