Day: Monday
Time: 2:33 PM EST
Quote: "'I've read worse' -Rita Skeeter" -Quidditch Through the Ages(I fuckin love Harry Potter)

Happy Birthday, Jan!

So, I went bowling last week. I had the most fun I have had in a long time. We got there about 8 PM, but the alley forgot to mention to us that it was a bowling league and we wouldn't be able to bowl until 11 at the earliest. Oy vey. But it was ok, because it was a gay bowling league so there were a lot of cute guys to watch for a few hours. On top of the scenery, we were able to eat, and eat, and eat all night and play with the arcade games. Then when were able to bowl, it was awesome. I did better than I thought I would. Even got a spare once. It was such a fun night and we are planning another bowling party tonight. I'm excited.

I had some news the other day that I'm not sure I know what to think of. Keith told me that when Aimee and I are together, he feels as if we segregate people and act as if we are better than everyone else. This really hit home with me because I often feel like I am the one being segregated when I'm in large groups. I know what that feels like and I know how disgusting the uppity ones seem. We spent about a half hour talking about it and discussing it and everything got resolved. But now I am scared to hang out with Aimee too much when there are other people around. Neither of us are conciously trying to separate ourselves from everyone else. I don't know how it is coming across that we are, but I guess I have to trust Keith that it is. I'm afraid to spend too much time with her before I alienate anyone else. It's just that she's become such a good friend and I feel completely comfortable around her. She calls me outside of work related things, and we hang out. I've never had that before. It's kinda nice. And now I have to limit it or act differently so people don't feel bad.

Heard some news about Cabaret. It's all what I heard from someone who heard from someone else who heard from someone else...so I can't put all my faith in it, but it's all I have to go on, so it's my story until I hear differently. We heard that they got permission to make it an equity tour, so they are going to have auditions for the equity people in April and then cast it in May. This means even less of a chance for me, but that's show biz.

I went to see the showcases last night. It was fun. Something kinda weird happened though. A boy who I have always found attractive was in it. He's straight, but since he knows I have always liked him, he calls himself my pretend boyfriend. Cute. I waited til he came out from backstage to tell him he did a great job, which he did. And he said he had something for me. Um...? He took out a daily Harry Potter calendar. I was touched (87 times, Grayson) that he had even thought of me and got it for me, even though he left the big "1 Dollar!" sticker on it. I asked if he had known I was going to be here to give it to me. He said no. "So...you just carry it with you everyday in case you randomly run into me???" "Yes." How cute is that! He wants me. :P

I feel like Neve Campbell in the Scream Trilogy lately. You defeat your villains (whether they be internal villains or actually adversaries) and go on to live for a long time in peace and tranquility. Then, when you least expect it, you pick up the phone (metaphorically) and hear that voice that haunted you long ago. Some villains never seem to die. Is there ever a way to overcome...once and for all? Ever?

Today is Jan's birthday. Yay. I got her the Harry Potter 2. She had finally read 1 and loved it. Duh. So I got her 2 and I think Mom got her 3 and 4. I also got myself the two textbooks that just came out a few weeks ago. They were cute.

I finally finished reading "Boy's Life." Great book. I am glad I finally made it all the way through. Not sure if I ever mentioned it in here, but that's the third time I started the book. I read 100 pages of it when I was in 7th grade, even less of it a few years after that, but this time....I made it. I came, I read, I conquered. Now, after having everyone telling me to read it, I am reading "Flowers in the Attic." I can remember being little and seeing Jan read it. It was kinda an ironic way that brought me to actually reading it. The very day everyone told me to read it, I went to do some laundry. There was a stack of books down in the basement where everyone can just leave books and other people will take them. Nice recycling idea. Well, the top book was "Flowers..." so I figured it was a sign that I should read it, so I snatched it up and took it. I'm only 75ish pages into it, but am loving it. Everyone has already ruined all of the big surprises for me (bitches) but I am still enjoying it. It's nice to be reading again. I had forgotten how great it was.

Apartment hunt is going...ok. I called my friend's mom, the realtor, and she basically laughed in my face when I told her what I was looking for, so instead of going through someone who isn't even going to try, I decided to go through a guy some of my friends found a place through. I've already had two apartments mentioned to me, both of which were in my price range. One of them was right around the corner from my friends. So, this guy seems to be a good one and is actually finding me things. Yay for that.

I think Im gonna go and make some lunch and watch some tv before getting ready to go bowling tonight.