Time: 10:28 PM EST
Movie: Shakespeare In Love
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Quote: "...once you are Real you can't be ugly, except to people who don't understand." -The Velveteen Rabbit (explanation in entry)
Fun Link: The Velveteen Rabbit

Well, I'll explain my sudden fascination with The Velveteen Rabbit. My VPS teacher left last week. We all loved him dearly and hated to see him go. He got an acting job though, and had to make the decision of staying or going. And he chose to go. His parting words to us were the quote of the day up there. We were all in tears. Goodbye, Mark. We'll miss you!

So Friday I ran some errands. Bought Jan's gift and visited Jim really quickly. Ran into the aforementioned teacher randomly on the street. Said yet another difficult goodbye to him :-(

Saturday was so uneventful. Slept all day then went to work. Same with Sunday.

Sunday was Jan's birthday though. She turned 26. I called her to wish her a happy birthday and we chatted some. Spent most of the phone call trying to convince Mikala to take a nap so she could be rested for the party that night. I miss that girl more than I can even attempt to explain. And I still haven't mailed Jan's gift home to her. I am an evil evil young man.

Started midterms Monday with the tap one. I had 4 midterms just today. Long day. Long long day.

Sara E and I went to Jesus Christ Superstar yesterday. It was the most atrocious thing I have seen in awhile. I was not entertained one bit. And besides, how can I enjoy a show where they are pelting me with silver coins and blinding me?!

Only good thing about the show was that there were some Foot cast members there including Jim. Chatted with him for about 6 seconds and then hung around for the cast. It took Jesus literally an hour to come out. And of course, we were fools and waited the entire time for him.

But I digress.

Dustin went and saw Hedwig after I suggested it and hated it. I felt so bad that he didn't like it since I was the one who told him to go. It is a great show. I guess it's just not for everyone.

I am so bored. La dee da.

Saw a great movie. Trick. It was such a sweet story and so cute. And I didn't know that a Foot cast member was in it so I was kinda shocked when he appeared on the screen. It was a nice surprise.

I need to start writing things down. I always forget what I need/want to write about in here. I'm still needing sponsors for the AIDS walk. Let me know in interested. C'mon people! It's tax deductable.

Well...I am gonna stop now cuz I am getting bored of updating quite frankly. I am in a weird mood tonight. Must be the alcohol ;-)