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Quote: "Have you ever had an erection? I think you need one in this scene." -a teacher here (to a student)
Fun Link: Wow. This is the first entry in awhile without a fun link. kinda weird.

Yay! I got my first semester grades today (finally)!!! They are as follows:

Musical Theatre IA-
Acting IA
Dance IA
Tap 1.1AB
Jazz 1.1BA
Ballet 1.1BA
Voice Production & Speech IB
Sight-Singing 1.3A
Individual Voice IA
Practicum IP

I am so happy with my grades. Back in high school, a B would've killed me. But now I am so excited to get them. Let alone all those A's! I hope these grades are a good sign of things yet to come.

Jan's birthday is this Sunday. I am not going to be able to get her gift to her in time. I am getting her the Simba doll she wanted at Lion King. She seemed to fall in love with it. Hope it doesn't get to her too late though. I'm sure she won't be upset though.

Went to Encores! production of Tenderloin last night. It was....ok. Kinda boring. But there was a seminar beforehand where I got to meet the lyricist to such classics as Fiddler on the Roof. So that was pretty cool.

AIDA opens tonight. Best of luck to everyone over there involved in that show. Don't get too smashed at the party tonight ;-)

I put up glow in the dark stars on my walls and ceiling. It looks really cool now once the lights are first turned out. They fade rather quickly though. But it's cool for a few minutes.

There was a man sitting across from me on the subway the other day and he was flossing. Um...ew. He kept getting these huge pieces of...whatever...out of his teeth and flicking them. How incredibly nasty can you get?!

Midterms start next week. Is it even possible that this semester is half over?! How the hell did the time fly by so quickly?! In about two months I'll be halfway done with AMDA totally. Wow. That is so weird to think about.

Even weirder to think that in only 7 months I will begin auditioning for national tours, international tours, regional, cruises, and even Broadway shows. What do I do if I get one before I finish here? Do I take the job and not finish school? Do I finish school and not take the job? Oy.

So apparently I have some problem that I was unaware of. Hmmm. That's news to me.