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Quote: "Once a shrub starts chasing Fred Astaire through the woods, it's over." -Erin (i couldn't agree more)
Fun Link: All Those Years

Lots to talk about, and most likely I will forget all of it.

So, I went to work after having a week off. It was kinda nice to go back, but it was also nice not having to be there for a week.

Friday I went to New Jersey to see Jules' show. This was my first time out of Manhattan since moving here and I wasn't too sure how to get to where I needed to. She gave me instructions so I felt pretty confident. I went to Port Authority and got a bus ticket and was all set. I got on the bus and it was all good. The problem came when I had to get off the bus. I had no idea where I was. I didn't know which stop to get off at. Finally, this old woman asked what the next stop was and the driver said the name of town I wanted, so I jumped off. And she was no where to be seen. I made a few calls from a payphone and finally she found me. So, it was all good.

Went to her show, Once Upon A Mattress. She was spectacular. Her voice is amazing. Simply amazing. It was also cool to see the show since I had done it before. A new perspective.

Came home the next morning and went to work for twelve hours. It was good though cuz I broke a record at work. I sold the most books a bookseller has sold since Beauty has been at the Lunt. I had had this record originally, but then someone beat me. I vowed it would be mine again, and it finally happened. I beat the record by 15. It felt so good. I had this major rush of excitement as I realized there was a chance I may beat it. It felt good.

Sunday was Keri's birthday. We all went to Foot to celebrate. Had a nice dinner also. The cabbie forgot to start the meter until halfway through the trip. So, the fare was nice and cheap.

At midnight, decided to go to Harlem to visit Keith on a whim. It was kinda fun. Didn't know that the subway became a monorail for a short span up there. It was cool. Keith and I watched Tarzan (we can't get away from disney), and I fell asleep halfway through.

Got up this morning, came home, and went to classes. Researched about 12 musicals tonight for an assignment. All pooped out now. Still have more homework to do, so I should get going.

By the way, I am doing the AIDS Walk 2000, so if anyone would like to sponsor me for such a good cause, let me know. My email addy is on this site. Just look it up and let me know. Thanks.