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Beware the ides of March!

Actually, the ides of March is a good day for me. For it was exactly one year ago today I found out I was accepted to AMDA. Happy Anniversary to me!

What a weekend!

Let me start off by saying how much I loved having my family here. It was so great seeing them and having them see how I live and what my life is like now. It was also great having Mom pay for everything all weekend.

Before we get to the weekend with them, let's get a few other things out of the way.

Was supposed to meet Rachel to spend some time with her last week. I went to the meeting spot and after waiting half an hour later than the designated time, I gave up and left. Gee, thanks for letting me know you were going to blow me off, Rachel. Real cool. And you yell at me for not being a good friend?! Whatever. I wash my hands of you.

I have a new roomie now. You all know this person. I've talked about him/her in here before. Any ideas who it is? I'll let you wait til later to find out...just to keep you guessing.

So, Mom and Jan got here on Friday. After my last class, I met them at their hotel room. We went out to eat real quick at a diner. Came to my room to grab my essentials for staying with them for the weekend. Introduced them to all the Greystoners (including the new roomie. know who it is yet?) and then went back to their hotel.

It was their first time on the subway. That was fun. Taught Mom the first rule of New York - don't talk to people.

We went to Kiss Me, Kate that night. I won't do reviews because those are boring and just too damn time consuming.

Jules just called me. I am trying to do the whole online thing and the whole phone thing at once. Oy, the difficulties.

So, yeah, the next day we got up and went shopping. It was poring rain. So miseralbe. Then I had to go wait in line for the Foot tickets in the cold rain. But got them.

Mom and Jan enjoyed the show and enjoyed being front row for it. And Jim liked his card and gift and the "cake" I made him. The big surprise for Jan came when we informed her we would be going backstage. Jim took us back and showed us the stage, storage places, and dressing rooms. It was very cool. Very. Thanks, Jim.

After the show Jules, Joanna and I went to Ben and Jerry's for 2.5 hours, and after getting kicked out, we stalked a certain Footloose birthday boy. No luck in finding him. But we did find some nice porn shops.

Next morning got up and went to get Lion King tix. Great seats and didn't have to get them years in advance. It sure is nice to work for Disney and have connections.

Then that night we went to Beauty. It was a Disney Day. They liked that show too. Good thing. Otherwise I would've had to have yelled at them. The mom and son in front of us had a humorous exchange during preshow.

Son: Can I get Arnold Schwarzenegger's autograph?
Mom: Um...where are you going to see him?
Son: Isn't he in the show?
Mom: I don't know how your mind works.
Son: Can I have a flame thrower?

I found that amusing.

Ok...after about 30 mins of being on the phone with Jules, I'm off and can't focus totally on this now. I am going to see her show on Friday. Yay. This will be my first time in New Jersey. I have to find my way there all alone though. Eeek.

So, anyway, back to my story. The next day was me back at school while they jaunted around doing their own thing.

Fell in love with our sever at Houlihan's that night. Will be eating there often most likely.

Then the next day more school while they jaunted some more. Went to Cabaret that night. They need to figure out a new seating arrangement there. It was so damn cramped.

Then this morning, we said our goodbyes and they left. I spent the entire trip to school in tears. I miss them so much already.

And that, my friends (and probably some foes) bring us back to doe, a deer.

So, didja figure out who the new roomie is? Considering I didn't give any clues, probably not. So, I'll just tell ya. My new roomie is.....Kat!

I need some romance in my life.