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Quote: "I was an architecture major, was being the key word. I switched to an undecided major in the college of design after a semester of talking about a building's emotions and how a building should FEEL good and people should FEEL good about the building and FEEL comfortable using it. Too much assigning emotions to inanimate objects for me. Apparently no one at Iowa State gives a shit if a building is STRUCTURALLY correct and if it will collapse or not. As long as the dead corpses look like they FELT happy as the building imploded upon them no one cares." -a classmate from high school (she is the funniest thing in my life)
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I just got a nasty email from a former Foot cast member. It was very odd but also somewhat amusing. I have suspicions that it was from Stacy Francis. Too many clues in the email point to her. She was bitching me out for having bootlegs and trading them. She feels that I am single handedly closing the show. Wow. Who knew I had that much power?

Rooming situation is fucked up. Kat and I decided she would move in with me so this other guy can't. But we heard from the RA that we can't do that cuz she already lives in the building and there is no place to put this guy. There are multiple people in this building who have single rooms. Why can't he move in with them? We are gonna talk to head of housing tomorrow to see what we can do.

I have been frantically looking for an apartment of my own though. AMDA housing and they way they have treated me has caused me a lot of unnecessary stress. There have been times that my housing life has been so unbearable that I almost dropped out and left. If this new kid moves in, I know I am not going to be happy. I know I'm not giving him a fair chance. But I know that at this point in my life I am just not going to be happy with someone that I don't already know. Which is why I am looking for my own place. But it is all so expensive and scary. I just don't know what to do. I feel as if there is no good possible conclusion to all of this. I feel trapped and lost.

I hate this school.

I bought some nice framed shit on the street the other day. They are like playbill covers framed nicely. I got Beauty... and Lion King. Nailed them on the wall the night I got them. The neighbors pounded back once again cuz the hammering was disturbing them. Whatever. At least I have a pretty wall now.

The family gets here in three days. Mom informed though last night that Jan is now sick. Hope she is well enough to come here. And well enough to not spend all day in the hotel room.

Saturday is Jim's birthday. I have my gift idea all settled I think. I just hope he likes it. So much trauma over a birthday present. I need to get a card still.

I think one of my teachers has a little crush on me.

I am such a foul mood anymore. Not pissy, just depressed. Mom mentioned how she wants to set up appointments with a counselor for me. I really don't think this would be such a horrible idea. But I just don't know if I even have time for it. And people will think I am crazy if they find out I am seeing someone. I don't want to admit to myself that I need to do this, but I know that it certainly wouldn't hurt. Sigh.

Anyway...wish me luck tomorrow with the housing situation. The new guy is supposed to move in tomorrow unless we can get something worked out. Why do I know in my gut though that only bad is in the future when it comes to my housing situation.

I'll stop whining for once. At least in this forum.