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Quote: "I wish you'd go back on vocal rest." -a teacher (to erin, she wasn't even talking. she had been sleeping the entire class actually)
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Sorry for the delay in updates. Tripod was down a bit for me.


I finally got to see Beauty... after almost four months of working there. Now, I see it all the time, but I actually got to sit down in a seat and see the whole thing from front to back with no interruptions...for free. It was nice.

After the show we had a party with the cast because it was at that performance that Beauty... became the 14th longest running Broadway musical. Ironically, it passed Annie. So Andrea beat her own show. The party was weird. Weird seeing them all out of costume and chatting and such. I talked with one of the Chips for awhile.

Still trying to convince Sara to move in with me.

Today I found a paycheck I had lost a few weeks ago. It was like finding money. And it was $100. Woo!

To celebrate I went out and bought one of those single-strap backpacks. You know, the ones with the strap that goes diagonally across the torso? One of them. I've been coveting them since October...and now I have one! The small things make me happy.

I've started hanging things on my walls now. I am becoming a regular interior designer! Martha Stewart better watch out.

The family gets here in about a week. Very excited. Lots of fun stuff planned. This will be Jan's first time in a big city, so it should be fun to watch her. One of the things she wants to do is buy something from a street vendor. And she wants to ride the subway. This should be an interesting experience for all involved.

Ran into several cast members of Foot tonight in the subways. Also saw the show. This was the first time seeing it in about two weeks. I am finally breaking the habit of going everyday.

Oy. It's almost 1 in the morning. I should get some sleep.