Here it is! The summary of my trip. I will TRY to be as brief as I can, but no promises. I'll stick to the stuff that I think you'll be interested in hearing. So here goes.....


Ate at the restaurant called Mars 2112. It was kinda cool. I'd go again, but not for the atmosphere, the PIZZA was delicious sin!

Went to "Forbidden Broadway Cleans Up It's Act." That show is hil-fuckin-larious! I was sitting right on the stage practically. The CD's are SO funny....but nothing like how hilarious the actual show is! I will most certainly see it again. The only complaint was they didn't do the RENT parody :(


Ugh. The audition. I got there and was shaking like no other. I went and sat at the end of row full of blonde guys. It was obviously Mark Audition Day. I instantly felt out of place. I went in and sang my songs the best I could. However, I sang off tempo and I felt out of tune the whole time. I even think the piano player and "judges" were masking some laughs. I just wanted to die. I maintained my composure though and then got to meet Douglas which was a pleasant surprise. Thanks, Douglas, for setting up the audition. I just hope I didn't mess things up for you. Sorry.

Saw "Cabaret." It was SO raunchy...and I loved every minute of it! My friend Shannon was perfectly correct when she said Alan Cumming is "liquid sex." Awesome show!!


As I mentioned in a previous post, I saw "Hedwig and the Angry Inch" on this evening. I ushered at it and met really cool people at the show! The regulars who work there knew it was my first time at the show so they sat me in A2 which is front and center. I was part of show! Hedwig grabbed my Coke and drank it, took my hand during the show twice, gave me a little lap dance, ruffled my hair, and I got to pour Zima down his cleavage! Then I got showered with tomato juices at the end of the show! It was INCREDIBLE! And being able to show Sarah Michelle Geller to her seat was cool! I had Hedwig sign my Playbill and the cup he stole from me after the show. He wrote "Our lips met on this cup, and I swallowed." I love that man! Such an incredible show! It really made me think about things.


Saw "Charlie Brown." They had changed it a bit since I saw it in November. I think it was filed trip day because there were 10 million 8 year olds running all over the place and making a TON of noise. But the show was great. I ADORE Kristin! I talked with the cast after the show and when Anthony saw me he instantly recognized me. He got this funny little squint in his eyes and a quirky little smile. "What are you doing in NYC," he asked. I told him and we talked a bit. It was cool. :)

Saw "Ragtime" that night. What a BIG show! Everything was larger than life! The music, the costumes, the sets! I was front row so it was all even bigger! I enjoyed it much.


Went to the Today Show. Got up at some horrendous hour that morning and trudged down to the show. Stood there forEVER waiting for the show to start. Then, once it started, stood there for two more hours. Got to Blondie though, along with the Today Show regulars. That was kinda cool. But it was just too damn early in the morning.

Saw "Annie, Get Your Gun." Dom Deluise was in the audience so that was kinda neat. I liked the show, but it wasn't anything to stand up and give raves about, in my opinion anyway. I basically went to see Bernadette. I saw her, she was good, end of story. A cute show, funny at points, but lame jokes at points also. Whatever. Go see it if you want. It's a good show.