Day: Monday
Time: 11:28 AM EST
Music: silence
IM/ICQ: none
Internet: random link jumping
Quote: "and aren't we grateful we are different from them in the long run" -Nicole (making an amazing point that i had never thought of before. thanks, nicole!)
Fun Link: What a Bad Location (yay...finally a fun link)

I am truely living the life of a poor bohemian. My refridgerator finally has stuff in it...all soda. I have some Chef Boyardee and Mac and Cheese to cook. A box of cereal. Oh, and twizzlers. That is basically all I have to eat. This morning I went to get a box of cereal and discovered I had no milk. So I had to use water. It made a weird glue-like substance coat the spoon and it was just too nasty to eat. I am going to waste away to nothing.

Mindy gets to NYC today. I kinda don't want her coming back though. It's been nice having the apartment to myself. Sure, it's been somewhat lonely at times, but nothing I couldn't handle. I'm going to miss being able to walk around the apartment naked, and miss being online all day, and miss listening to the music I want to listen to. I'm gonna miss having my things be my things. But, I guess I need her here otherwise I could not afford the rent and I would be back in AMDA housing which is someplace I do not want to be. But I am going to miss the convenience of living there and having everything close and all of my friends there. Now it seems as if we're already growing apart.

I worked every show of B+B since Friday. Finally a day off. Weird weekend at work too. Strange events on Saturday.

This morning I woke up at 6 in the morning and it was so light out that I thought it was 6 in the evening. Even thought every digital clock in the place was not marked as PM, I was certain that it was already that late. It was just entirely too light out at 6 AM. If it's going to stay this way, I most certainly need mini-blinds for my windows. Lord knows I want to be waking up at 6 AM everyday. Ha!

Yesterday after work, Sara G (J) and I went to Port Authority to the Duane Reade there. We each spent way too much money and then decided to relax by sitting on the floor in the middle of Port Authority. For something fun to do, we got our faces put on stickers at one of those little booths. We had a Wanted Sign background and we did our infamous "Beast Mask" pose. Sometimes we act like we're 12. Those are my favorite times.

I have to sit here and wait for the UPS guy/gal to come deliver my package. He tried last Friday, but didn't come far enough into the foyer to knock, so I didn't hear him. So now I have to sit here and wait for him to come before I can leave to bring more of my stuff here. I was clever this time and put a note on the foyer door telling him to come in to deliver packages.

Ya know, I am so not in the mood to be updating this. Blah.