Day: Friday
Time: 4:00 PM EST
Music: AIDA
IM/ICQ: none
Internet: random link jumping
Quote: "There is man dancing in women's shoes." -Tim (well...there was!)
Fun Link: none

Lots happened since last time, and I don't have time, nor will I later...so you get the brief update. The truncated update, if you will.

Had very tearful goodbyes with the family. Heart-wrenching.

Plane from Des Moines was to leave at 2:05. Didn't even board until then. Then we sat on the tarmack waiting for Air Force II to decide what the hell it was going to do. Delays.

Landed in Chicago to find my flight there was delayed 40 minutes to 4:40. Again...didn't even board til then. About the time we were to start descending into NYC, the captain told us we had been circling Cleveland for an hour. Weather issues. Delays.

Finally, an hour or so later...we land....in Pittsburgh. We had to make an emergency landing cuz we were running out of fuel and couln't remain in the air waiting for the weather to get better. Sat in the Pittsburgh airport for about 3 hours. Delays.

Finally got back in the plane and sat on the tarmack for about 45 minutes. Delays.

Finally landed in NYC, but had to sit on the tarmack for half an hour. I ended up landing at 1:30 in the morning when I was supposed to get there at 7 the night before. Hell.

Got to my place to discover the TV and stereo (both mine) were missing. Hmmm. Little pissed.

Started moving into my new place the next day. I'm about halfway done. I've got the essentials here. Clothes and computer. What else do I need?!

It's kinda lonely here. Empty. Not homey. I'm sure that will change with time though.

As I sit here I can turn my head and look out of windows at the Hudson River and George Washington Bridge. Gorgeous view!

Got a call from the Rent production office. My prize was changed and I am getting 8 free tickets to the show. Yay for that! Looks like my fellow staff at B+B will be having a fieldtrip. Thanks La Vie Bovine! :)

Getting ready to go back to work tonight. Had my first shower in the new place. Exciting. No food here yet, but I do have ice!

I think this place is haunted. My bedroom door (yes! i have a door!) just slammed shut on its own.

An odd thing has been going down the past few days. I can't really say anything about it yet though. Not til everything is sussed out. Not sure when that will be, but once it is, I'll let ya all know. I just don't want to let anything out that needs to be kept quiet for now.

Tim came and visited this afternoon to help cure my lonliness in the new place. And Seth is spending the night tonight. I need company. It's boring here alone.

I am thinking of calling my apartment The Oasis. Why? Well, it's a nice apartment and you wouldn't think it would be from the looks of the neighborhood. Now, don't get me wrong, the neighborhood isn't bad...but it's no Disneyland. So, I think I'll call my apt The Oasis, A fertile place in the middle of the desert....a decent place in the middle of the slums ;-)

A homeless man was feeling me up this morning. Gee, I've missed NY.

Gonna go get ready for work now. How I have missed selling Belle dolls!