Day: Saturday
Time: 1:04 PM CST
TV: some movie i am not watching
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Quote: "My kids are stone heads." -a waitress (what the hell does that mean?!)
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La dee da.

Ended up making a spur of the moment trip to Skokie (burb of chicago) to see Side Show. It was a good show...not sure if it was quality enough to validate a 6+ hour drive each way to see it. But, what can ya do?

Apartment troubles. Allison started to show some wishy-washy qualities about the place. Then today I got an email from her saying she is not going to live there. Gee, great. Now Mindy and I are basically screwed. We have to find someone else to live with...make sure they view the apartment...have them agree to it...make an entirely new lease...get it to everyone who has to sign it...get it signed...get it back to the realtors after it's been signed...and we have to do all of this in less than a week. And how do we do it when I am home and Mindy is home? Good question. Thanks, Allison.

Got a letter from AMDA just now. I was accepted back for my second year. Big surprise. They accept everyone back. Also got my grades. They aren't as horrible as I thought they were going to be. Not as fab as last semesters...but not bad at all. They did give me an Incomplete on my practicums which I know is incorrect. I did them all. I handed them all in the last day. So I don't know what that's about.

Sitting here thinking what to do about the apartment. No ideas are coming to mind.

Talking with someone online right now about RENT. I kinda miss the way I felt back when that show was the world. Everything was RENT. Now, I have no desires to see the show. I never listen to it. What happened. It's like it all happened overnight or something. I kinda miss feeling that way about something. I need something I can obsess about again. I had it for awhile in Footloose. But my obsession with that one slowly began to fade. I think I overloaded on it. I still like it, but not like I did a few months ago when I would go every weekend. I think that is my problem. I find somethign I like...and I freak out about it and overdo it to the point where I lose those feelings. I was ok with RENT for a few years cuz I didn't have the opportunity to see it all the time like I did with Footloose. So, I didn't burn out as quickly, I guess?

Things like that scare me. What if I get cast in a show (crossed fingers) and I get sick of it before we ever get to opening night? That scares me. Am I in the wrong career? I certainly hope not. I have no idea what else I would want to do with my life. And I don't want to go and start school again in an entirely different field. I can't handle starting over again. Nor could I probably afford it.

Hmmmm. 1:30 in the afternoon and I still haven't showered. Perhaps I should go.