Day: Tuesday
Time: 5:18 PM CST
TV: news
IM/ICQ: none
Internet: not online (tornadoes)
Quote: "Go drink yourself!" -Mary Catherine Gallager from Superstar (said to a character named "Evian")
Fun Link: none

Stop yelling. I know. I know. I haven't updated in forever. But seriously, I'm on vacation, relaxing. The last thing on my mind is updating this thing. But I thought I would take a few moments out of my incredibly relaxing break to update.

I've gotten back into the groove of being home. Already had a few fights with Mom which means things must be getting back to normal. But things are cool now, so I guess that's good. I've been staying up til 4 in the morning usually and sleeping til 2 in the afternoon. I actually do not like doing this. But I am stuck in the routine now. But it's vacation, I'm supposed to stay up late and sleep in, right?

I took a bag of coins into the bank to get it exchanged into bills. I had been collecting the coins since Oct 13, 1999, so it was a pretty heavy bag. It was every coin I had received as change (except the quarters I had used for laundry) since moving to NYC. Well, I'm sure it's not every coin, but a nice percentage. I cashed it in and it came out to be $53.26. If I had known I had that much money sitting on my nightstand, I would've cashed it in long ago.

So, what have I been doing since getting home? Not much. Mom has been sending me to doctor after doctor making sure I am healthy and taking care of myself before I go back to NY. And the consensus is that I am a-ok. The doctor I mentioned going to where I was going to talk with them about things ended up being just a normal check-up. So, no news there. I did have one of my doctors (whom I adore. she is the best doctor i have ever been to. she has amazing rapport with her patients) said that I looked thinner, but that she thinks it is just that I am more toned. Well, do go on!

I found my old Tamagotchi. Ya know, those virtual pets. I put some new batteries in it and hatched a new pet. I've been taking lousy care of it. I am such a bad virtual pet owner. I could take better care of it if I didn't sleep til 2 each day. I wake up and the poor thing has been sitting in piles of his own shit for God knows how long. And it's weird, his shit looks like little Hershey kisses.

I think we got all of the apartment issues figured out. We got the lease in the mail today. I skimmed it (mom read it) and tomorrow we go get it signed under the watchful eye of a notary. I want to be a notary someday. Just so I can have my owl seal. But anyway, got the apartment which is very exciting. My new roomies are Mindy and Allison. A quick introduction about each of them:

Mindy: Mindy goes to AMDA with me. She has never been in any of my classes, but she is in my semester. She also works at B+B with me. She dated my first roomie (and longtime readers will know how I feel about him) when school first started, but they split long ago and I think she somewhat understands why I feel the way I do about him. She is from Albequerque.
Allison: Allison went to AMDA. She was a semester ahead of me. She left after her first year. Ironically, she lived in my room the semester before I got there. She also worked with me at B+B, but just recently left there as well. She is from somewhere in California, I think. Interesting fact, her family says their own last name incorrectly because so many people pronounce it incorrectly that it is just easier to go along with them than constantly correct them.

I have really enjoyed seeing some of my old friends this past week. It's weird though. I have to adjust to them all over again. I've knoen these people my whole life, but I have to spend time with them and get to know them all over again. One of the saddest things is returning somewhere where you felt like you belonged so well, and realizing that life has gone on without you. You're now the outsider.

Things have been amusing me about being here. I've had to learn to call it pop again instead of soda. And a night of fun includes driving around the square for hours, playing nintendo, and drinking said pop. But it's kinda nice to not have to deal with subways, crowds, and nyc mentality for awhile...even if does mean giving up unlimited supply of activites for a few weeks.

Home cooked meals. How I have missed thee!

Played Trivial Persuit the other day with some friends. Wow, I am an idiot.

I've missed TV. Been watching a lot of it since getting home. Also have fallen back into the internet routine. But most of my time online this week has been playing new CD Roms. But still, I am at the computer quite a bit. But c'mon, what else is there to do in Iowa?! :)

I feel that was a decent enough entry considering I haven't updated in a year and a half. Right? Right.