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Oh, can you just feel the guilt exuding from my every orophous right now?

I actually went a day without updating and it made me feel so guilty. Oh well, I'm here now and that's the important thing.

I am so glad I am going away to stay with Adam this weekend (side note: today is the one year anniversary of the day I met him. i was supposed to be in kansas city seeing rent, but plans fell through. i was devastated. i went to stay with a friend in ames instead and ended up meeting a really great friend. coincidence or fate?). I'll actually be off the damn computer for once. I swear, this thing is going to be my downfall. It's almost as if I am tethered to it. I just can't bring myself to get my ass out of this chair. But, I am going away for the weekend and I will be doing fun things and my mind will be elsewhere. Then I'll come home with 100+ emails to read and a huge entry to type. Will the vicious circle never end?!

Someone I will refer to as Little Fucker (or LF for short) is really pissing me off right now. Ugh. I can't even think straight (no pun intended) when the subject of LF comes up. I just want to scream and throw a hissy fit. Then I get over that and I just want to cry myself into oblivion. I really just want to pack up and move now. This town is killing me. Kinda ironic that "Wicked Little Town" just started playing. Hmmmm.

Sigh. I still haven't started packing. I really should do that. But I've just been too busy all day. I had a voice lesson this morning preparing for this thing I have to do next week. Heather is doing a song too. Her's is so much more fun than mine. Why are the best songs always written for those of the female persuasion? That really bothers me. Really.

Mom actually agreed to let me pierce my ear which totally threw me for a loop. Perhaps I don't give her enough credit......nah. So, things look good to go. However, there is always that possibility that my sorry little ass will wuss out on me and I'll run away like a little school girl screaming. I wouldn't put it past me. I've done it before. So, will I or won't I? That's the soap opera cliffhanger for all of you to wonder about all weekend.

If I get a wild hair, I'll post another quick entry before I leave tomorrow morning (oy! i don't want to wake up early) but odds are this is the grand finale until Sunday night or Monday morning. I'll be taking mental notes all weekend so I remember to tell you all everything that went on. Unless of course I get lost on the way there or on the way back which could very well happen. Who am I kidding?! Of course it's going to happen. Lost is my middle name. Well, actually, Craig is my middle name, but it doesn't prove my point as well.

"Goodbye, wicked little town....."