Time: 9:53 PM CST
TV: Judge Judy
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Internet: RIC
Quote: "he's just the kind of person that would be described by all the capital x's my comptuer can sustain" -Lindsay (talking about travis, and her computer censors swear words by turning them into x's)
Fun Link: Paul is Dead?!?

What a boring, uneventful day!

I'm getting kinda tired of this layout. I need a change. I need a program that makes MUCH better looking graphics. I need a massive overhaul of this whole day site. I need an extra day in the week in order to do all of this in.

I did my first load of laundry today. I was extremely worried that I would either a)shrink, b)discolor, or c)shrink AND discolor the laundry. I was kinda safe though. It was only one load and it was only towels. No biggie if I screwed it up. With much aprehension, I did them though, and it appears all went perfectly fine. There is hope for me afterall!

I had the shock of the summer today! No, I didn't stick my finger in the electrical outlet. Amanda dropped by to see me. The reason this was a surprise is because she is *supposed* to be in Colorado working all summer. She had some guy with her. Hmmmm. Wonder what that was all about. Possibly a little sumpin sumpin there?? She only stayed for a few minutes cuz she was on her way to Miluakee. The Mystery Man lived there. Oh well. I will stop speculating now. It sure was nice to see her again though. I'm just glad I was...um..."presentable" when she stopped by. I normally don't look my best at all times during the summer.

I was booted from the comp halfway through this entry with a phone call from Brooke. She needed someone to talk to and get some feedback from. I always feel good when I can help a friend. Even if is just by listening.

Got a movie in the mail today. It was addressed to Mom. I thought maybe it was a certain movie I wanted for my birthday, but, alas, no. It is a Sondheim musical though, and we all know I love "Into the Woods," so I rather excited to see this one too. It stars the lovely Miss Bernadette and the dashingly handsome Mr. Patinkin. I will not be able to watch this movie without thinking about each of those performers being parodied in "Forbidden Broadway." Just the memories of this is making me wish I was wearing a diaper. God, that show was hil-fuckin-larious!

Only a few days left til I *possibly* pierce something. Doubt is setting in. Will I or won't I? Only time will tell.....