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Quote: "falala, i have a cool purse, i am invincible" -Shannon
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Sigh. I was woken up early again today by the phone ringing. Everyday for the past two weeks, someone has called at 10. Every damn day. It is really getting to piss me off. Today, I just let the answering machine get it. Turns out someone wants me to sing at their wedding. Kinda cool. I might just do it. Depends though. I need a little more info before I agree. I may as well do it. It's not as if I am going to have a wedding of my own, so why not share the joy of someone else's? We'll see.

I got my hair cut today. I went to a place I hadn't been to in over ten years. It was very weird. Everything was exactly the same, but yet it was all so different. I instantly remembered all the times I had gone there when I was 7. I saw the booster seat I had to use. It was so weird. It was kinda as if time had stood still inside the building, while outside, life had continued. The guy cut my hair, and surprisingly, I felt very comfortable the whole time. He asked if he had cut it short enough, and I didn't think he had. I was going to tell him to cut it a little shorter, but before I could he was talking about how he hated guys who cut their hair extremely short. So I was like....."um... it looks great!"

I loved the way he had the mirrors set up though. They were in the exact same place on opposite walls. I reminded me of one of the lines I had in "Flowers For Algernon." It was quite awhile ago, so I'm sure I am going to get the line wrong, but I'll try to remember the basic gist of it. "The way you hold the mirror. I can see endless corridors of myself. Me looking at me...looking at me. But which of those is the real me?" It went something like that. Not even 100% I know what that means, but it was a nice memory. Lord, I miss being on stage.

I was deleting the history on the computer today and noticed Mom had been to a few places which sell some things I had put on my birthday list. There goes the surprise of it all.

I've been sleepwalking my whole life. Today, I woke up. I want to go back to sleep. Ugh. Thanks to Shannon, Rachel, Keri, Leah, and Adam for their kind words today. It was much appreciated and much needed.