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Quote: "Oh, go f*ck yourself, Alex." -Mom (while failing miserably at Jeopardy)
Updated: wtf?!

Played Jeopardy with the family all night. God, I need a life, and badly. I won one game, lost two. Only cuz the categories sucked. The first few times I played I got ones such as "The Tony Awards" and "Musicals." I kicked ass on those ones. Now I get things like "People who live in the a small African Tribe." How in the hell am I supposed to know that stuff?! And of course Mom has to insist that we put it on the hardest level.

Jan has her classes on Thursday night. Due to this, Mom and I normally go out to eat or something since Jan isn't home. I know it's mean, but hey. So, tonight we each wanted Taco Bell. So Mom went and got some. While she was out getting it, Jan called. Her class had been cancelled. She was going to be home. Mom got home, I told her, and we proceeded to shovel the food into our mouths as if eating was going out of style. We finish eating in record time. Needless to say, I feel SO sick. I love Mexican food, but it just did not agree with me tonight. But Mom and I weren't caught which is good.

I got a check from Wal-Mart in the mail today. It was payment for singing for them. Amount=$100. You realize what this means? I got $100 for one minute of work. If I could find a job in NY that payed $100/minute.....that would be heaven! But I'll end up waiting tables begging for tips.

AMDA called today. The request for the loan (or something like that) was approved. I assume this means we will be getting some money, which is good. I also assume this money will have to be payed back, which is not so good. I also assume this money will have to be payed back with interest, which isn't good at all! But for now I will just think about the fact that I am getting some money :)

I really, REALLY need a haircut. I was past due for one like 3 weeks ago so you can just imagine what I look like. It's scary. I called today to make an appointment after coming to the realization that Mom was never going to get around to doing it. So, I call to make an appointment for early next week. Turns out, she is on vacation next week. Ugh. This means either I go another week looking like Chewbacca (who is cute, but not what I want to look like) or go to *gasp* someone new. I know it would only be for this one time, but still. The thought of going to someone new scares me. They don't know my hair the way my normal person does.

I am planning visiting Adam next weekend. I was supposed to go tomorrow, but didn't get enough things done cuz I was busy rebuilding a website (Ahem!). So, now it is scheduled for next weekend. He has someone he wants me to meet. Some kid he knows who is going to AMDA in January. That will be cool. I also *might* get my ear pierced while I am there. Kinda worried about this, but kinda excited. We'll see if I atually go through with it once the time comes though.

It is so hot. And it is only getting hotter. Heat index above 100 degrees and staying there all weekend. What fun. The county fair is going on this week and I just realized I think I've only been to it maybe 5 times at the most my entire life. That strikes me as odd.