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Quote: "well...i'm off to be molested." -Shannon (not even gonna attempt to explain that one to you)

The new site is open! Finally! After much MUCH work, and several times of just wanting to call it quits, I have finally finished the new site! Well, I guess "finished" isn't the correct term, cuz there are still a few images and such still not up, but they will be soon and things are far enough along to open it up to you, my adoring public. Enjoy.

Sawyer came over to visit today. He came in, sat in the chair, and got up and left five minutes later. Interesting. I think maybe it was because I was not the best host. I was busy working on the site. And complaining cuz people wouldn't leave me alone. Well, it's done now, so he can come back over and play Myst soon.

I got a new counter for the site. I was very happy about the fact I could set it to start where I wanted to. This really made my day cuz I LOVE my counter a bit too much. We have a plutonic relationship. I also got a nedstat thingy so I can have stats about the hits my site gets. I am excited to see what this thing tells me.

I was able to get back one of the awards the old site won. Thanks to Debbie, the award owner, for sending me another one. I was proud of the awards I had won and it makes me happy to get one back.

You think I've talked about the site enough? ;)

Jason called the RENT Hotline. No out of town auditions. Figures. They haven't had one since forever ago. Not that it really matters to me now that I am going to AMDA and cannot audition for things under the contract I signed. But then again, I am not technically at AMDA yet, am I? Hmmm.

I am really going through movie withdrawl. All I've seen in the past few months are Star Wars (boo) and Austin Powers (lol). Of course, it would help if some ignorant psycho hadn't burnt the theatres down. *sigh* I suppose I'll survive. Only a few months til NY and I can see as many movies as I want.....or as my wallet can handle.

As I bask in the glow of happiness as I know I have completed a job well done, I will bid you farewell for the night.

PS: If the bastard(s) who deleted the old site even try anything with this one.....there will be HELL to pay. And you can quote me on that!