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Quote: "I can't even get a gay guy to hypothetically marry me." -Will & Grace

Sigh. Why is the world full of sickos? A few days ago, someone(s) hacked into my website and deleted every last bit of it. Ugh. Some people really have no morals. Therefore, all but three of my 1999 diary entries are only a memory. And, now I am here on tripod since they have no gained access to my geocities account. So, needless to say, this diary is going to be quite empty for quite some time. Bear with me. Let's take a moment for remembrence of the lost 1999 entries. Now, to start off my new section of entries, I've added the little info box up there cuz I saw other sites with them and thought it was a nice idea. So, I am going to do it too. You'll see those categories in all entries and one or two more only when they apply.

I sang at Wal-Mart today. The National Anthem. It was a ribbon cutting ceremony for some reason. I had to wake up before the sun though which wasn't the most fun in the world. I got there, sang, and that was it. Not all that momentous. However, after I had finished, the person who had requested my presence told me she wanted to make a donation to help with college since I came and sang for them. That was totally unexpected! One of the benefits of living in a small town. Everyone is really friendly. I also got a Wal-Mart excellence award. This means if I get three more of them, then I get a share of stock. I doubt I'll be getting more of them, though, cuz they are only for employees. But then again, I did get this one.

Bought all of my dance apparel this past weekend. Damn! That stuff is expensive! I think I am spending more for incidental stuff than I am for the actual tuition for AMDA. It's nuts! And one piece of advice about dance belts.....don't get one. Oy vey! If you don't know...don't ask.

Jan appears to be enjoying her new job so far. This is good news cuz it means she will most likely be there for awhile. Now I have the whole day to myself. Not that I do anything special. These past two days I spent playing Myst. That game is frackin addictive! I highly recommend it. Really. You won't be let down. Of course, you probably already have it cuz it was released about 80 years ago, and I just now got it. Any sane person bought it years ago. But then again, I'm not sane. We've already established that fact.

Well, looks like the people who deleted my website did not succeed in getting rid of me. I'm here to stay. Get used to it.