Sometimes I scare myself. Last night I had multiple dreams. I remember two of them. They were rather morbid and quite disturbing. One involved the mass killing of members of an ancient civilization using a very cruel and rather unusual form of execution. This deeply disturbed me. I won't get into specifics about how exactly these people were killed, cuz it is just too bizarre, and I don't even know if I could describe it. I never would've been able to imagine this while awake. I wonder what this is telling me about my psyche. And in the other dream, a family member died. What the hell is wrong with me?! Why am I dreaming such frightening things? I am afraid to go to bed tonight.

Lunch with Brooke was nice today. I want some chow mein, but you aren't allowed to get that for lunch (and why the hell not?!) so I got eggrolls instead. They were good. The only complaint was they never did bring our Mt. Dew's. That and we didn't get fortune cookies. And, in my opinion, the only reason to eat Chinese food is for the fortune. Am I wrong here? I don't think so.

After lunch, Brooke and I drove around for about an hour. I had NYTW playing in my car and we ammused ourselves with that. We spent a lot of time laughing and making comments about it. It was fun. We'll have to get together and listen to it again, cuz we only got up to the end of "I'll Cover U." She's excited to hear the rest of it. Either that or she is just claiming to be excited. Either way, she's gonna hear the rest of it, cuz I take it with me whenever I go somewhere to listen to in the car. And I always drive when we go somewhere, so she'll hear it whether she wants to or not. No, I am not one of those nice people who let the passenger pick the radio station. When you're in my car, you listen to MY music. I'm justified, aren't I?

Mom and I went out tonight to eat also. I don't think I've had one meal in the house today. I had some chicken alfredo. It left something to be desired. It wasn't the best meal I've ever had, but it was decent enough to eat. I ordered a Mt. Dew to drink, and the waiter was like, "We have Coke products." Maybe I'm just a moron, but I don't memorize which soda is owned by which company. Therefore, him telling me they only had Coke products meant nothing to me. I'm too much of a wuss to ask which ones specifically, so I ended up saying "Um....(blank look)....I'll have a Coke."

As we were leaving the restaurant, I glanced down at this boy's plate. I would estimate his age to be around 10. I'm horrible at guessing ages, so put no stock in that. Well, his age isn't all that important anyway. What is important is what he had on his plate. On his plate was a huge pile of cottage cheese mixed with grated cheddar cheese. Am I the only one who now wants to vomit? I didn't think so. But the really sad thing is that on some day when I am bored I will probably get some cottage cheese and cheddar cheese and make a pile of them on my plate and chow down. These are the things I do when I get bored...try odd foods. Don't I have a fun life!